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  1. Works great, thanks, now I just have to figure out how to disable the hoover function, which changes its color after the link has been accessed. (Its a pre-made template)
  2. I have a few web pages with weblinks that actually requires different colored fonts for different types of links.If it was possible to create <a1> <a2> <a3> tags (instead of the usual <a>) to create CSS links with a pre-defined colored fonts in the head page I would use it. But as it is now (with this specific kind of page that I'm building), not designating font color inline could bring a lot of headaches. Is this a case where I should just ignore the fact that font color done inline is depreciated, or are the actually benefits to going to the trouble of designating font color in the head CSS worth it? What are the benefits? The extra amount of writing (which in this case really isn't any more then copy and paste) seems well worth it considering the amount speed that problems can get troubleshooted inline.
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