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  1. guys I am very grateful for all your help. I actually found out that I wasn't properly referencing the image hence the result I was getting. I have gotten the proper reference by using the complete path starting from C: to the very folder where it was stored on the desktop and now the image appeared. Once again I am grateful to you all.
  2. Thanks Dave, I realised that so I actually tried referencing a local image on my system <img src="mypix.jpg" width="200" height="400">. But the result still remained the same.
  3. Hi all, Pls I just began my journey in HTML. At the moment I am studying the HTML tutorial and have run into a problem with the img tag. I tried implementing the example on my own system but what I get is a place holder with a big red X on my browser, as opposed to the W3 LOGO which the online text editor produced. I even tried using the same syntax to insert a local image on my computer but no success. Pls what is it I am not doing correctly? Here is my code: <img src="w3schools.jpg" width="102" height="142">
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