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  1. Hi,I've never used flash before, and ive got to create a simple flash portfolio.I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites with help with navigating between frames using buttons and playing video's in flash.Or an example pieces would be great.Any help is appreciatedThanksBaggy
  2. cheers for the reply xenon, i've manged to get it working using something like what you said, thanks again
  3. This may sound a bit stupid but here goes hehWhen the page loads i read a cookie into an array, i then want the array values to be placed into a text box to be edited.I don't know if ive missed something or just trying to do this wrong, this is the code ive put in the head of the document.document.BasketForm.Quantity1.value = ChairQuantity;I get no errors when i load the page but no value in the text box!All variables are defined, names are all the same.any help is appreciated, this is starting to annoy me now lolThanks
  4. Hi,Im pretty new to java (haven't a clue really lol)I've got to create a simple shopping cart, information is input through a form, passed to an array and then can be displayed and edited on another page, i really don't know where to start here. If anyone has any code like this or can help me in anyway i'd greatly appreciate it,thanksSam
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