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  1. i'm not very good coding my functions in javascript so a toolkit can be useful for me.
  2. Anyone know a javascript toolkit other than dojo, domapi, prototype, and scriptaculous?thanks
  3. Tachu

    Need array help asap

    Forget it. I finally got it to work.Final code: <?php$info = array('link1' => 'http://link1.com', 'link1' => 'http://link2.com');foreach($info as $name => $link) {echo "<a href='$link'>$name</a><br>";}?>
  4. Tachu

    Need array help asap

    Ok i'm just trying to make a list of links stored in an array. I have tried with PHP with different codes and didn't work.1st code: <?php$info = array('link1', 'http://link1.com', 'link2', 'http://link2.com');foreach($info as $link) {echo "<a href='$link'>$name</a>";}?> 2nd Code: <?php$info = array('link1', 'http://link1.com', 'link2', 'http://link2.com');list($name, $link)echo "<a href='$link'>$name</a>";?> So then I tried with javascript... <script type="text/javascript">var links = []links[0] = [ "link1" , "http://link1.com" ]links[1] = [ "link2" , "http://link2.com" ]links[2] = [ "link3" , "http://link3.com" ]for(i=0;i<links.length;i++){document.write ('<a href='" + links[i][1] + "'>" + links[i][0] +"</a>');}</script> And it still didn't workCan anyone help me please?
  5. lol... i have frontpage dont like it. i also tried PHP Designer that it has JS also but it don't have what i want. also tried HTML Gate Free or something and is also mostly HTML. i already know a lot HTML and im tired of it, can't really do anything with it. anyway i decided to learn JS so then i can keep up with phP but i need to see good JS examples and a program that can do this can help me :)btw if i do start making those topics with the values i'll start to get really annoying and you'll all get tired of me and somday i'll be banned... hehethnx btw
  6. is there any program that allows me to create good javascripts? i know javascript, but all i can create is bugs.... hehe. anyway i'd like a program that, for example, i press a button then a window popsup where i have to insert the values and all that then when i press ok the program creates the code for me?thanks
  7. i think you're right. javascripts is also very important and give syou a hang to php also. in php you also need some javascripts to spice it up.so yea html, then css, javascript, php, mysqlxhtml is not used that much (i think) but it'll be an advantage to learn it.
  8. learn simple languages. after you master html and css, try learning PHP, then MySQL. after you learn those 2, you wont be making simple websites anymore..... AWESOME WEBSITES!... lol
  9. Tachu

    visual studio?

    anyone know where i can get a trial or something for visual studio?thanks
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