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  1. I need a way to get feedback from customers ive tried a form but i never knew that i couldnt send the information in the form via the email, so now i need a new way to ask people to send me feedback using a form do i connect it to a DB?please do help thnx revs
  2. ok thnx 4 the help ppls, ill try and work sumtin out using those guidelinesrev
  3. ok quick questionany suggestions about how i can make an online order whereby i have my product catalog and people tick the checkboxes of the products they want and send an email to see what to deliver ive tried a form but it didnt workpls help thnx rev
  4. hey i need the code for splitting the page into three colums and a header up the top hopefully you understand what i mean whoever can help me with this simple questionsur a gr8 programmer even though its a simple qtn thnx matecyarevolayshan
  5. kk tis is my table code <p><h3><table width="200" border="0" cellpadding="15" cellspacing="5"><tr> <td bgcolor="red"><a href="eg.htm" style="text-decoration:none">Kids Stuff </a></td></tr><tr> <td bgcolor="green"><a href="eg.htm" style="text-decoration:none">Mission Statement</a></td></tr><tr> <td bgcolor="orange"><a href="eg.htm" style="text-decoration:none">Location</a></td></tr><tr> <td bgcolor="yellow"><a href="eg.htm" style="text-decorati
  6. ok peoplesthis is the problem i have 2 frames in a windowand i want to either1 frame which has the menu, so that when you click on a link in that frame it displays the link in the other frame. is this possible tell me if it is or how do you without any frames on the pageget text to align to table e.g. the table was here ---- ---- <--- and the ---- ---- text to be here ---- ---- because usually it would go ---- ---- above or at the bottom is there an alignment solution for this i like that idea preferably as opposed to the frames ideabut whichever can wo
  7. Revolution

    Center a Link

    lets say we have a link and we want to center itthis does not work <body><head><style type="text/css">h5 {text-alingn: center}</head><body>this is in the body and im about to linkhere<a href="blah.htm">This is the part i want to link</a>and i tried doing this <a href="blah.htm"><h5>This is the part i want to link</h5></a>and it didnt work guide me please</body></html>
  8. Revolution

    Flash Game

    lol this may sound stupid but is this flash the flash used to create games because i want to create and online rpgplease tell me thnx cya
  9. heyquicky i need to know if anyone has any good ideas of an rpg creator which can be an online rpg, to put on my site as i want my siteto be an online rpg im prepared to pay for a program, i just need to knowa program which will allow me to get a good interface and graphical side, ive been trying to check the net, but couldnt find muchmaybe some other people can help us. thnx bye
  10. Okay,Hi, i have a website, i need to know two things 1) I have a sign up page, its a form, i want the entered input to be stored in a database? How do i go by this? Please any info will help 2) I have a login page, what code do i use to validate the information given by the user via the database, i have seen examples of code at other websites, but i just really dont know how to go by putting everything together. especially which page to insert the codes. Someone please help meThanks Revolution
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