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  1. I mean, just exiting the program for then. But, how can I ask it to continue reading the remaining text file, but NOT read the part before the previous date & time? Like, in this case, if it finds Jan 27 2012 12:12:57, I want to force it to read the text STARTING from this record and forget the previous records, so as to avoid duplication-- which may occur if it reads older records.
  2. Thanks! :)And what about the second part? If the second time is greater, continue reading the whole file and performing some actions. If not, just terminate. How should I go about that?
  3. Hello Everyone, I have different entries in a log file in the form: ================================================[Jan 27 2012 12:10:35] - ID2PDF v.2.6 (ID2PDF.jsx)General options: [default] (ID2PDF_options.xml)================================================Loaded options from XML file: 'path/to/file/some_file.xmlextendedPrintPDF startedextendedPrintPDF: Error: Unsaved documents have no full name.; line: 332================================================[Jan 27 2012 12:12:57] - ID2PDF v.2.6 (ID2PDF.jsx)General options: [default] (ID2PDF_options.xml)=======================================
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