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  1. Yeah, thanks for understanding and thank for the link. I will look it up.I don't know much about it, but I thought that downloading pictures wouldn't make a big issue with the bandwidth of the site. P.S. Ermm... I'm a 'she', not 'he', by the way...
  2. I didn't say that it's hotlinking. I just said that if a website is bothered with the bandwidth, one of the ways to go about it is to ban the hotlinking. They will spend less.I'm working on my own website right now, and I know there may be the bandwidth issue of some sort. I will ban the hotlinking if it ever becomes a problem. And then, I think that making website and expect that no one will touch your pictures is not appropriate. If you display images, people will save them, save them and post elsewhere, hotlink them, etc... That's one thing every site owner should realize and especially if that's a big site (as I said in the topic's title 'tons of pictures', which implies it's some kind of a big commercial site, not someone's personal page).
  3. I re-read the message twice and it's clear that boen_robot first assumed that I was going to steal someone else's content: From all the possible options (me just downloading images for my own viewing on my computer/me dowloading images from my own website/me downloading images from my own account at a free image host and finally me downloading images from some else's website) he picked the last one option and based his point solely on it, without leaving a room for any other option.The only thing I have overlooked is that this suggestion had first come from real_illusions, so I should have been saying this to both of them. My bad.Now I think you should go and re-read the discussion in it's entirety.
  4. Does anyone know the way to convert .swf files into jpeg/bmp files or have a link to the online converter/free program ? Thanks.
  5. They don't even have .swf in Formato de entrada
  6. ^ Thanks for that tip, but whenever I try to actually open the document it gives me: "Unable to load image" message... (I use Mozilla)
  7. All I needed when I started this topic was just to download all of my images at one image host service and drop them to another... Yes, my images. You for some reason assumed that I was going to steal something...Talking about the bandwidth, I still don't understand how it might have harmed anyone, 'cause if they don't want to spend it, there are easy ways to stop it by banning hotlinking.
  8. I was talking about .swf files. I can save them, but cannot open them. Is it that I need some kind of a special software like a swf player or something ? But, actually, what I want to do with those files is to convert them to image formats. So, do you or anyone know how to do that ?Thanx.
  9. Hi ! Does anyone know an easy way to download a flash file ? Thanks.
  10. Hey, no need to be angry with me, I haven't yet done it.I'm not gonna copy someone else's images to display elsewhere. I need to copy some images for myself. I thought, I explained myself well in my previous post.And, the sites I was talking about are those big image sites, not someone's personal page or something.
  11. I don't know much about it, but what does it have to do with bandwidth ? Besides, it's not something I'm planning to do on a regular basis, it's just that I need a lot of pictures from a certain website now. I'm planning to grab them from there and upload on my image hosting account. How will it harm them ?
  12. Thanks for the effort, but I actually figured how to use one of the free image resize programs I had found before... It's called Mihov. That was after I read your post of Mar 14 2007, 10:38 PM. So, there's actually no problem about that anymore.However, I am still very thankful for your generous attempt to help !
  13. I definately remember coming across a program, which downloads images from the set source at one go. Like a robot thing. I even believe I had a link for this program somewhere, but I don't really remember where it is now... So, I was thinking maybe someone knows about a thing like that and could drop me a link...Thank You !
  14. Myie2 is da best ! Just downloaded their new version maxthon and trying how it works now.
  15. There's a lot of cool stuff there, but not really what I'm looking for...
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