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  1. I’m getting more and more into it.. It fact, it is the specification itself. The problem is the precedence of the tags..Simple example http://jsfiddle.net/76DVP/ I'm trying now to get it by using the border width for changing the precedence of the bordersGreetz
  2. Hey Folks,I've got an issue concerning collapsing borders in table rows especially using the IE10. I’m trying to build an timetable. So there are td boarders which are overlapping the table row borders.My CSS looks like this tdContent{ background-color: #00A9EC; vertical-align:top; border: solid black 1px; border-collapse: collapse; cursor: pointer;} The difference between IE10 and all other browser is attached...Just noticed that it is not a only IE10 issue it also accurse on IE9 Anybody an Idea to get this thing done ?Greetz and Thanks in forcast ;-)Spanky
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