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  1. what the person before me said. Change the font too, it's very simple right now.For inspiration, look at other websites that do the same work as you.That's how I started... If you did HTML, can you PM me how you adjusted the sides to match the main body of the site.
  2. Hi everybody.Long-time fanFirst-time poster. I recently took over my parents' business' website. It was originally developed by some guy, and it looks ok now and gets the job done. However, I'd like to modernize the site a little bit, but I'm having trouble figuring some things out. The current site is at http://renovax4u.comThe .jpeg of what I'd like the site to look like is at http://renovax4u.com/images/Misc./newrenovaxsite.jpg I'm primarily having trouble figuring out how to change the layout colors and format so that I can edit the site to look like what I want it to. Any and all help on
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