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  1. grappy


    hmm, well error reporting should be on all from the servers original setup but il try it...shortly after i posted this aswell i switched it all around to str_replaces instead, but to no real avail still, the layout isnt too important, this is for college so only really matters on if the thing works for now =D, il give this a try now though---Edit---After using the error_reporting(E_ALL); there was still no errors reportedpretty sure ive encountered something like this before when i accidentally left the space out of "switch($case)" when its supposed to be "switch ($case)", it gave absolutely n
  2. grappy


    <?php$con = mysql_connect("localhost","ffs_news","123456");if (!$con) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());}//selects databasemysql_select_db("lewke_fss", $con);//creates the query including the variables$query = "SELECT * FROM `ffs_newscontent` WHERE newscontent_sent = 0";$result = mysql_query($query);$row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result);//creates the query including the variables$query2 = "SELECT * FROM `fss_newsletter` WHERE newsletter_subscribe = 1 ";$result2 = mysql_query($query2);while ($row = (mysql_fetch_array($result2))) { if ($row2 <= 0) { } else { $name = "" .$row['
  3. i have knowledge of programming languages, experience in Java Javascript PHP, ASP, SQL, XML(x-form and such aswell)m but not action script and dont really have a great deal of interest in it, and not a great amount of time to do things in either
  4. hi, well i have a school project on flash, and as part of it i must create several games; anyway i couldnt find a tutorial for a simple simon says game, so i was wondering if any1 had a tutorial or something that i could follow loosely to achieve the results i need.Thanks in advance
  5. add my email etheric_tempest at hotmail dot com
  6. hey, i need more webdesign friends whilst im learning and maybe to help/profit with on projects, so if u wanna add me feel free itsEtheric_tempest at hotmail dot comsorry if its not ment for here, i couldnt see newhere else to put it
  7. well, my site doesnt work exactly how i want it to, the problem is pretty obvious if u use i.e, but it works perfectly in firefox.www.lukegibson.co.uknot sure if its a css or a html compatibility issue, so if some1 could look over both and try to fix it, im gunna take a wild swing and guess its some problems with how i.e understands the <a> tags and puts any spans/divs onto 2 lines... i used both of them to try and fix it, nothing worked however, thanks in advance. i would like for it to look the same in i.e as firefoxedit, css herewww.lukegibson.co.uk/css.css
  8. okay, nvm, it suddenly started working the time after i posted this, so ignore this
  9. well, i have abit of a pain of a format for myself here, basically the $link variable, constantly changes and then puts itself into the value of the <input> field, since ive used both " and 's it was kinda becoming abit more complicated then i regularly do, so im here asking for help for the first time in a long while il eventually learn this, but for now i cant do it so if someone could format both the $link and the <input> to display what i desire that would be great $link = '<a href="http://www.immagine.lukegibson.co.uk"><img src="http://immagine.lukegibson.co.uk/1/'
  10. grappy


    i was told 36 , and i thought it was the other way round, its allways a stupid mistake for me
  11. grappy


    well, this is my code. <?phpecho "<table width='800' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' align='center' >\n"."<tr>\n". "<th width='798' colspan='2' height='170'>\n". "<img src='../../banner.png' alt='welcome to the image gallery' width='798' height='170'/></th>\n". "</tr>\n". "<tr>\n". "<th colspan='1' width='160' valign='top' bgcolor='#CCCCCC' height='800'>\n". "<a href='../../index.php' class='navigation'><li class='navigation'>Home</li></a>\n";$con = mysql_connect("localhost","lewke_acc","123456");
  12. grappy

    md5 password

    i thought md5 was 36 characters, that member login key is only 32, perhaps its a randomly generated string by invision power boards in which case u should have access to the source code, meaning u could find where it is generated and submit it to your own personal database at the same time giving you access to it from your own site.
  13. grappy

    Hiscore help

    rofl, runescape. just ask micheal west, i have him on my msn, he made runehead. u can find him on RSD forums, but good luck with it. cause every1 uses runehead
  14. grappy

    mailing lists

    well, i want to create a mailing list from a sql database, it'd be great if someone could tell me what steps to do in order to create such a script, ive looked in a few places and google'd it but to no avail, thanks in advance
  15. grappy

    mkdir() Error

    never mind now i have it working perfectly
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