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  1. U can make credentials along with ISP as primary key.. den u dnt have any problem.
  2. U can try this. Create a HTML page with form.Go to jsp with scriptlet n create JSON in following way:String first_name=request.getParameter("name"); out.println("{\"first_name\":"); out.println("\""+name+"\""); out.println("}");
  3. Try this code.. HTML code:<head><script src="hidden.js" type="text/javascript"></script><.head><body onload="create()"></body> Create a java script file and write below script: var xhr;function create(){if(window.XMLHttpRequest)xhr=new XMLHttpRequest();else if(window.ActiveXObject)xhr=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");}add this to d function for action listener.var url="yourown.jsp?num1="+num1.value+"&num2="+num2.value; xhr.open("GET",url,true); xhr.send(null); U can write ur own code in 'yourown' jsp file.
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