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  1. It is also a margin applied to one of the image containers, also you may need to adjust min-width: on div#wrapper to stop right container going outside the outer edge of this wrapper container.
    Sorry, I don't quite get what you mean?
  2. Hello everone. The situation: I got images that I want to give a "max-width" attribute in CSS, so they don't mess up my screen. This works great in IE, Google Chrome and Safari, but seems to get messed up in Firefox and Opera (and old IE browsers) The code: The CSS:

    .tienjaar {max-width: 80%;display: block;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;}

    The html/php:

       <img  class="tienjaar"  src="some/img/url.png" alt="some alt text"/>

    The example: http://www.hondenvri...p?&loc=timelineI Test it in both Google Chrome and Firefox if possible, try to resize the screen, you'll see that the rightern box goes 'beyond' the screen. I am 100% sure that it is because of the images. Extra information: I am aware that I could just put a "width" instead of a "max-width", but that would mean stretching my images when they're smaller, which I prefer not to do. If you got any solution for this, thanks already!GreetingsJordumus

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