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  1. Problem fixed! Ingolme, dsonesuk - thank you both for the kind assistance! I used netBeans as my editor and only for this example, I've tried Notepad. As I said, I have no code in the test.php file. only the 3 lines of code I wrote which are the opening php tag, closing tag and in the middle, the session_start(); function. After googling about BOM, I've decided to install Notepad++ (version 6.9.2) which gives you the option of saving the file without the BOM. Problem got fixed. For someone who bumped into this thread in the future: It seems the only problem was indeed,
  2. the only lines of code in the .php file I've created are: <?php session_start(); ?> No, this file is not included. I've created this file, just to check if I still get the warning, and yes, I do. It doesn't make any sense and that's why I came here. What else could send something to the buffer? maybe settings of the server? php.ini configuration? I can't find any solution and yes, I think, something's adding the <br /> prior to the session_start(); which makes it impossible to send any headers. Edit: Maybe this would help; Link to test.php: link Code
  3. I guess this is the source of the problem. the escaped <br /> As I mentioned earlier, I opened a new .php file (using Windows Notepad [saved in UTF8]) and written nothing but the session_start(); It's really confusing
  4. Hi dsonesuk, Yes, I've saved it as UTF8 encoded. When I try to open the .php page, I find an extra at the top of View Source. I have no clue, where did it come from.
  5. Hi, I had to use Session cookies for a little web application I'm working on, but I can't find solution to the problem mentioned above. I get the warning: This warning points to line 1. I've tried to create a new .php file, with the following code: <?php session_start(); ?> Only 3 lines of code, using nothing but Windows Notepad and I still get the same warning. I've tried to find solutions but couldn't find any in here, nor in Google. The only explanation I could think of, is a server problem who send headers in each call. It doesn't make any sense thoug
  6. It has to be something with your php version or configuration. I have just tried the code on my server. output: Try the function phpinfo();
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