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  1. Hi Can Help Me For Built This Menu This Menu Get Information From Another Page How Can I this Work
  2. hi all i want add two time for example: now is 8:30 and i want add 1:45 to this time (answer 10:15) how can i this work in php??? please help
  3. hi i write this code I have some Problem <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Viewing Files in a Directory</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH="60%" CELLSPACING=2 CELLPADDING=2 ALIGN=CENTER><?phpif (@$Upload) { // Handle file uploads. print ("<TR><TD COLSPAN=4 ALIGN=CENTER>Uploaded file name: $File_name</TD></TR>n"); print ("<TR><TD COLSPAN=4 ALIGN=CENTER>Uploaded file size: $File_size</TD></TR>n"); if (copy ($File, "users/$File_name")) { print ("<TR><TD COLSPAN=4 ALIGN=CENTER>Your file, $File_
  4. hii want build page that have button or linkwhen click on add text box in my form dynamiclyhow can i build this?
  5. I test but not workplease give me sample code
  6. hii understand how build and used google map API (w3scholl sample ).but i want display Multiple point on my map.for example 20 upto 2000 point.i can using php and javascript in my websitehow can i buid it?
  7. hihow can i show my laptop webcam (live) for any body whit flash and php?please give me some sample about thisi seach on googlei dont find anything aboutplease help me
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