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  1. hi alli want to know how w3schools forum give rating to users,means on which basis ratings are given..
  2. hi i tried this FCK editor but i find it so difficult to modify, bcoz i want only four functions for bold , italic, and underline and image orlink uploadif there is any simple editor for this,or u can also tell me how to modify the FCK editor.
  3. hi alli want to make one editor for my forum project that can formate the text in bold, italic, and underline..and also having abiliteis to upload new image and linkhow can i make edtior like this?it should be simple that can do this four or five functions only.can anybody help meplease help its urgent...
  4. hi alli am new to php,i am creating a project of forum.i want that if there are more than 20 replies than the other replies should be displayed in next page.as show belowFirst Next 1 2 3 Prev Lastjust like this i want to use this feature in my forum,can any body help me..please help its urgent...thanks to all
  5. hi alli am new to phpi want to make a page that can transfer me to another page using some conditioni have created one textbox named id on page test1.phpand if i enter 1 in that then i should be on page test2.php otherwise on test1.phphere is my code //------------------------------------------------ $id = $_POST['id']; if ($id == 1) { header("Location : test2.php"); } else { header("Location : test1.php"); }//-----------------------------------------------if i use this i got te error : "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at c:\wamp\www\tes
  6. hi alli am new to phpi want to make forum as my projecti would like to share some problems with youlike how to make a text editor, for use of posting new topic ?
  7. i want t learn egwi want to learn how to make tables using dbtools of egw.i want to make an application that retrive data from databse tables.plz tell me how can i do this?thanks for help
  8. i want to upload my 90 hours of music files on my web site.which are the ways, by this can be accomplished.tell me how can i do it.
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