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  1. ...I've also been trying to adjust how high/tall the isotope-item is set to, but again having no luck.
  2. Hello there, I have a few issues with a page I'm working on. The first is that the buttons at the bottom of some of the product columns are slightly being covered by the below product images. I've been trying to set the height of the product column, thinking that might fix the issue, but I'm having troubles with that as well. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the link to the page: https://www.ucswireless.oiw11.com/solutions/p25-two-way-radios.htm Thank you in advance! mh
  3. I actually found that there was a conflict with the code used for the form(s). I am using Machform and they provided different code options. Changed the form code and it all works now. Thanks!
  4. Hello there, I'm having an issue where my site won't stop reloading/refreshing when you initially go to any of the sites pages for the first time. It's like it gets stuck in a loop. It stops after you touch the screen a few times and/or go to another page. It seems to only be happening in Safari in mobile. I've been trying to figure out what might be causing this, but with no luck. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Or have any thoughts on what may be causing this? Here's a video of what happening: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/FQwkawa2W4kEmlg The link to the site is: http://www.allptscomm.oiw11.com Any and all help/thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks! mh
  5. First off, I am a newbie. I'm try to make the first accordion tab and heading tab open by default, but keep coming up short. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Sample url: https://www.iciwireless.com/industry-solutions-mat/construction.htm So, the "Two-way Radio" accordion and header tab should be open when entering the page. I'm using a DW template with repeatable regions to populate the accordions on a number of pages, which is working, but need the 1st accordion tab open. The last code that I tried was the following: <script> $(document).onload(function(){ $("#accordion1Collapse1").collapse('show'); }); }); </script> No luck there.
  6. I come to you with another yet different focus on input issue. I have a little search form that pop's up with an icon is clicked. I'm trying to get the input to be active when it pops up. Here's the code I'm using for the search form: <div class="search-3" > <a class="search-btn not_click" href="javascript:void(0);">Search Button</a> <div class="search-3-box not-click"> <form action="" method="get" id="theFormID"> <input id="searchbar2" type="text" class="not-click" placeholder="Search" value="" name="s"> </form> <i class="fa fa-search"></i> </div> </div> The site is here: http://matdevsite.oiw11.com/ I'm a newbie, please help! Thanks in advance, mh
  7. Forgive me, I'm a super newbie. I dumped the first part of the id, so that it's only one word/value.
  8. I've been trying to get another modal with a search input to work to see if I can backwards engineer things. I got the second sample to work, but am still having trouble with my initial issue. I've been working on a watered down page here: https://www.goiwt.com/index2.htm The code that I'm trying to use is: <script type="text/javascript"> function setFocusOnSearchBar() { $('#searchbar').focus(); } $("#search").on('shown.bs.modal', function() { setTimeout(setFocusOnSearchBar, 0); }); </script> And I believe this is the code that makes the search modal show/hide: // > Top Search bar Show Hide function by = custom.js =================== // function site_search(){ jQuery('a[href="#search"]').on('click', function(event) { jQuery('#search').addClass('open'); jQuery('#search > form > input[type="search"]').focus(); }); jQuery('#search, #search button.close').on('click keyup', function(event) { if (event.target === this || event.target.className === 'close') { jQuery(this).removeClass('open'); } }); } I feel like I'm SO close to getting this to work properly, any other thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I tried it like this: jQuery('#search > form > .input-group > input[type="search"]').focus(); }); Still no luck.
  10. Thanks for the replies! Well, autofocus="autofocus" attribute is working in Chrome but not FF or Edge. I found some info on others having the same issue, but am having a hard time getting any solution to work for me. Ugh!
  11. I can't seem to get it to work. I'm not sure if it's because the form is in a modal??
  12. Side note: I've tried just adding "autofocus" to the input and I'm having no luck.
  13. Hello, I think I'm in the right spot... I have a search "magnifying glass" icon in the main navigation of my site that when clicked a full page search bar pops up. Currently, you have to then click again in the search bar to make it active to start typing. I'm trying to make it so that you don't have to click on the search bar a second time after the search icon has been clicked. So, basically once the icon is clicked and the search pops up, the search bar is active and ready for the user to type. You can view the site here: https://www.goiwt.com Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced.
  14. Hello there, I have a page that needs to be username and password protected. I currently have a link that goes to the "login" page and from there when logged in correctly, goes to the desired page. The issue is that is someone has the direct url, they can by pass the login page. Is there a way to pass the typed in username and password and show the desired page if correct or show an error message if not??? Here's the code I'm using on the "login" page: <form name"login"> <input type="text" placeholder="Username" name="userid"> <input type="password" placeholder="Password" name="pswrd"> <input type="button" onclick="check(this.form)" value="Login"> </form> <script language="javascript"> function check(form) { if(form.userid.value == "Perry" && form.pswrd.value == "P911erry") { window.open("http://comprosinc.oiw11.com/ftp-clients/perry-county/index.htm", "_self") } else { alert("The username and password you entered are not correct") } } </script> Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, m@
  15. It's a little strange, I can get the page to load if I take the loader div out and then take the "page" class out of the wrapping div that follows. But, I'm afraid that there is some code that is inside/using the "page" class and might break. If I'm understanding the loader JS correctly, its saying once the page is loaded, load "page." So when I just take the loader code out the page breaks and I just get a white screen. Is there a way to alter the JS to just run the loader? I hope that makes sense. Thanks again for taking the time to look at this!
  16. I'm trying to remove it. I've tried to just remove the the loader code from the pages, but they pages won't fully load/breaks the pages. I don't feel that it's necessary to have the loader on every page. I don't mind it on the homepage, but after that it's kind of redundant. I just can't figure out how to edit the JS so that it will still load the "page" without the loader.
  17. I also tried to change the class or take it away no luck. Any thoughts would be appreciated, for I am a noobie to JS. Thanks!
  18. Hello there, I should probably disclose that I'm not very savy in JS. I have a site that has a page loader on every page. I just want it on the homepage, but when I remove the page loader from a page, that page won't "load." I think see what's going on with the JS, it's saying when the page is loaded, load .page. But I'm not sure how to code this to just be on the homepage. The code I'm seeing for the the page loader is: // Initialize scripts that require a loaded page $window.on('load', function () { // Page loader & Page transition if (plugins.preloader.length && !isNoviBuilder) { pageTransition({ page: $('.page'), animDelay: 500, animDuration: 500, animIn: 'fadeIn', animOut: 'fadeOut', conditions: function (event, link) { return !/(\#|callto:|tel:|mailto:|:\/\/)/.test(link) && !event.currentTarget.hasAttribute('data-lightgallery'); }, onReady: function () { clearTimeout(loaderTimeoutId); plugins.preloader.addClass('loaded'); windowReady = true; } }); } }); The site is here: https://www.procommak.oiw11.com Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, mh
  19. I was actually able to kind of figure it out. I literally just just every 992px to 1024px in all the files and it worked. I'm not exactly sure which file(s) where the winners, but at this point, everything appear to work properly. Thanks again!
  20. Funce, I tried to edit those a couple of days ago and had no luck. I also changed all the break points at 992 to 1100 in the script.js file and the style.css file and also didn't have any luck. I'm completely baffled. THanks for taking the time to take a peak though!
  21. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Haha, I guess that makes things a little difficult. Sorry about that. Here's the site: http://airwavecommunication.oiw11.com/ Thanks!
  23. Hello there, I'm trying to have the responsive/"hamburger" menu appear at a slightly larger display screen width (probably around 1024-ish) and not having very much luck. I've tried altering and making this happen with css, but again, no luck. I believe it's being controlled (or somewhat) by JS (and I could be wrong...). Seeing that I'm not much of a JS guy, I'm having some issues figuring this out. I see some breakpoints that I've tried to edit at around line 840 in the /js/scrip.js file...and I didn't have any luck there as well. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced! mh
  24. That's what I was kind of figuring, I just can't seem to figure out how to adjust the calculation(s)...
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