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  1. Site Name: Pepster's PlaceSite Description: A Web Design CompanySite Owner/Developer: John PeppSite Address: http://www.pepster.comExtra Comments: Building a website doesn't start with actual writing of code for the website, it starts with reseach that the Web Designer has done on the Client. Pepster's Place will research the business and will have a full understanding of your needs. We will ask the important questions about target audience, goals, creative direction and other variables, such as budget and deadlines. After the Researching phase is complete, Pepster's Place will have a solid background for the site that will eventually lead to designing and developing the website...
  2. Hello my name is John, I'm 48 years old, I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and I'm a graphics designer interested in the following: html, css, jquery (I'm just leaning this), php (this is next), After Effects, Flash and Photoshop. The last 3 I'm pretty darn good at, well at least from my viewpoint. Best Regards, JP
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