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  1. Good dayI have been facing little bit problem with my latest PSD to html project. I couldn’t adjust padding and text/image at the bottom of the page. So, I attached a screen shoot “bg position” along with my project files. I like to arrange my bottom end according to the screen shoot image. I like to ensure you that there has no virus in my attached file. So, please see the both files and helps me to identify the problem. Thank you. bg position.zip
  2. Hi, Now I am working with a CSS project where I can set up a logo but when I want to set up navigation right side of logo it doesn’t work. You can see this in my attached file. Sample files are also included into the attached file named “Site_Sample” where you can see the proper outlook of this site. How do I fix it? Thank you.
  3. Hi Deirdre's Dad, Thank you so much for your response.I am happy to say that your answers help me a lot.I hope you will help me in future again.Thank you again.
  4. What is string?What is parameter?What is parentheses () ? Please see the following codes: <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function show_prompt(){var name=prompt("Please enter your name","Harry Potter");if (name!=null && name!="") { document.write("Hello " + name + "! How are you today?"); }}</script></head><body> <input type="button" onClick="show_prompt()" value="Show a prompt box" /> </body></html> name!=null && name!="" is included here.Here what is the meaning of null?Here what is the meaning of “”? Thank you.
  5. I am working with this project: www dot 1stwebdesigner dot com/wordpress/psd-to-html-tutorial-code-photoshop/ After enter this page you can see "Demo". Please go this link and you can see "Vector Design" right-middle of the page. My problem is "Vector Design" is not positioning proper according to the code. What should I do?
  6. active-worker

    CSS Project

    Please see the attached file "practical_project01". You find all codes there. For you kind information, if I want to large or small this page "Vector Design" goes out of the actual body of the page. What should I do? Thanks.
  7. I am a newbie in w3schools. Once I tried to attach a .txt file with my post. But I am sorry to say that I couldn’t do this. It only showed the massage “Error This upload failed”. Please help me to solve the problem. Beside the “Attach This File” option, a massage is shown like “Used 0bytes of your 500K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 500K)” My question is what is the meaning of 500k? Thanks in advance!
  8. active-worker

    CSS3 linear

    What is CSS3 linear? Thanks.
  9. Hi, This is my first post. I like to know the following things: What is the matrix () Method in css3? The Tutorial (http://www.w3schools...dtransforms.asp) says that the matrix () method combines all of the 2D transform methods into one. But my question is how? In example, use this following numbers: transform: matrix (0.866,0.5,-0.5,0.866,0,0). My question is How to come this numbers and how I calculate them?Please see the codes here form http://www.w3schools.com CSS3 matrix() Method tutorial: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>div{width:100px;height:75px;background-color:red;border:1px solid black;}div#div2{transform:matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.5,0.866,0,0);-ms-transform:matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.5,0.866,0,0); /* IE 9 */-moz-transform:matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.5,0.866,0,0); /* Firefox */-webkit-transform:matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.5,0.866,0,0); /* Safari and Chrome */-o-transform:matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.5,0.866,0,0); /* Opera */}</style></head><body> <div>Hello. This is a DIV element.</div> <div id="div2">Hello. This is a DIV element.</div> </body></html> No more, I am waiting for your kind response. Thanks
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