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  1. I did found the solution at http://www.vbskrypt.com/index.php?/archive...-Searching.htmlthought might be helpful to somebody else.Capi
  2. Hi,Can anybody post me sample code toretrieve MS Access table data in a HTML table rows using just VB Script, no ASP/Server side code just plain VB Script.I appreciate your help.Thank You,Capi
  3. Sreenivas,Your code is really helpful, but according to Vijay's question he says each item should be in different color I did tried that, but color is same for all items, so is it possible to get each item different color?Thanks,Capi
  4. kansasprog,Thanks you very much your code and it worked for me.Capi
  5. I'm new to VB Scripting, Here I'm trying write add some values to an array and then display those values in a table.My question is how can I format the contents of the table like applying font, size etc.,Thanks in Advance. capimy text is like this<HTML><HEAD><FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE=2 COLOR="#13428E"><script type="text/vbscript">dim aa=Array("MONITORs", _"CPUs", _"KEYBOARDs", _"MOUSE", _"USB", _"HARDDRIVE", _"MP3Players", _"-")document.write("<FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=BLUE> <table border=1>")document.write("<tr><td>" & a(0) & "</td></tr&
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