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    PHP to PDF

    Tried loads off google, they either have issues creating due to CSS or they create it but it displays incorrectly. Looking for a better solution please?
  2. Jamesking56

    PHP to PDF

    I have the same question
  3. Hi, I have a Web Based CV created that uses HTML & CSS. I wish to add a 'Download as PDF' button to it which would link to a PHP page to generate a PDF version of my CV and download straight to their computer. What is the best way to do this in PHP?
  4. Waiting desperately for an answer :(

  5. Hi, I want a URL Rewrite .htaccess file but don't know how to make it for what I need. Firstly, I want it to force www. for my domain. Secondly, I want it to hide the .php extension and add a slash to the end of the url: http://www.example.com/page.php -> http://www.example.com/page/ Thirdly, for my about section I wish to have subdirectories that go to a php file: http://www.example.com/about/company/ -> http://www.example.com/about-company.php Can someone make this into a .htaccess for me?
  6. Hi,I want a staff area that will allow my staff to: - Send Files - Send Messages - See FAQs / Knowledgebase guides - Collaborate together with my Git Repos - Manage their own information - See the staff announcements - Access Links for staff to use - See Meeting dates and times and say whether they're attending or notStuff like that
  7. like an online staff area
  8. Hi,I wish to have a staff panel for my company...Does anyone have any suggested systems I could use for my staff panel or would I have to create my own?
  9. The form has been moved to a cPanel server. The upload form still doesn't work (comes back with "Please attach your video")
  10. Still confused <?php$page = "audition";$pagename = "Audition";require_once('core.php');if ($_POST['submit']) { // Process Form then send to Thanks Page $name = $_POST['name']; $email = $_POST['email']; $video = $_POST['video']; $act_desc = $_POST['act_desc']; // Check if the user has filled them in! if (!$name || $name == "") { // No Name! $error = "Your name could not be included with the form. (ErrorCode #3)"; } if (!$email || $email == "" && !$error) { // No Email! $error = "Your Email Address could not be included with the form. (ErrorCode #3)"; } if (!$video || $video ==
  11. Yeah I'm using move_uploaded_file()... Is there a way I can check if the Temporary Name isn't blank?
  12. Well currently my code gets the temporary name and attempts to move it...But I see no file in the folder its moving to?Is it because of Facebook or my XAMPP?
  13. Yeah I've created the form in HTML with the 3 fields but in PHP it seems to ignore the file completely and doesn't bother saving it.I just wanted some clarification on how you would do it.
  14. Hey guys!I'm making a facebook app for auditions where people can upload a video audition with their name and email to audition.I want it so that there is just one form with name, email and file.How do I do this so I can upload a video to my server and put the name and email in the database with the link to the video?I'm confused
  15. This worked! Thanks guys its all working now and I've even limited it to 5 records and everything! Thank you!
  16. couldn't you release an iPhone app or iPhone version of the site so it's easier to browse on the iPhone?
  17. I'm still stuck with this...Can someone show me the code for it?My code is currently: // Get Blog $xmlDoc = new DOMDocument(); $xmlDoc->load("FEED URL HERE"); $x = $xmlDoc->documentElement; foreach( $x->childNodes as $item ) { //$powercp_blog .= $item->nodeName . " = " . $item->nodeValue . "<br />"; echo $item->nodeName . " | "; if ( $item->nodeName == "channel" ) { echo $item->nodeName; $powercp_blog .= "<p>"; $powercp_blog .= $item->nodeValue; $powercp_blog .= "</p>"; } } $template->assign('powercp_blog', $powercp_blog); This
  18. Yeah, this script I'm making will be installed on other domains so I want to pull it down from that URL.How can I do this?
  19. Hi,I'm trying to get my WordPress Blog to show in an Admin Panel Dashboard for my script. Its an XML.Whats the best way to do this?My Feed is: http://www.powercp.co.uk/feed/I want it so that it looks like: <h3><a href="{ARTICLE LINK}">{ARTICLE TITLE}</a></h3><p>{DATE & TIME} by {ARTICLE CREATOR}</p> How can I do this?(UPDATE: Solved!)
  20. I'm still getting the same issue, My Server does have MySQL and it can connect but when my extended class detects if its connected or not it thinks it isn't and tries again to connect...Its something to do with how my variables are stored...I need my variables shared between all extended classes!How can I do this?
  21. After changing to public and updating my settings class back to using $this I get the error:"Oops! That database type is unsupported in this version of PowerCP."How come I still get the same error?
  22. Jamesking56

    ARGH! Classes!

    Hi,Basically I have made a small database class for handling DB connectionsIt connects by itself once declared and sets $currconn as true if it is connected.My other classes Extend from my database class and check if its connected by checking the Parent $currconn.If its not connected it instructs my database class to connect.Now here is my problem.My DB class is declared and connectsMy Settings class (Extending Database) then checks for connection but sees it as FALSE! and tries to get the database to connect with no details?WTF? is going on?Database.class.php: <?php ######################
  23. OK, I didn't want to use stuff like that because 1. I wanted to use my own code and 2. it seemed to overcomplicate things by adding loads of confusing options like disabling queries and debug modes that I really don't want or need.
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