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  1. Can someone make an XML Parser for me because I just can't do it!I have a 'Latest News' XML file generated by my Support Center for my website, I want to integrate this into my website but I am having troubles.Here is the link for the XML file: XML FILE.It needs to have the ITEMS ONLY! not the first one as that is not an item.I want to have the page display like below:

    <h5><a href="LINK HERE">TITLE HERE</a></h5><p>DESCRIPTION HERE</p>

    Can you help me please?

  2. I have a VBulletin Board with VBSeo Installed and setup, I am adding a new Directory with a Support System inside.The problem is when I go to the URL of the directory it redirects me to my forum, its VBSeo's URL Rewrite.How can I Disable VBSeo's URL ReWrite for that Directory?

  3. I need a good Support Suite for my new Hosting Company, Can anyone suggest any good ones?I want thse feautres:Live Help (With / Without Windows App)Support TicketsKnowledgebaseTroubleshooter (maybe)Any ideas?I have tried Kayako Support Suite but it wouldn't work on my host.

  4. What does PHP Safe Mode do exactly?I have XAMPP and in the Security it tells me to Enable it....I know how to enable but I heard it disables somethings in PHP.What exactly does it Disable?

  5. So those are your 5 choices? Since you've used them, you're probably the best qualified to suggest which one to use, what are you looking for from us? Go to the web site for each of the forums and post a question about what project tools they have available.
    I would like to use IPB, but does anyone know if there is any Project Tools System for it?
  6. I'm Trying to make a new forum to show off my Web-Scripts.It needs to be a good Forum with a Project Addon where people can send bug reports etc.I have a few candidates below:VBulletin (Latest) with VBulletin Project ToolsInvision Power Board (Latest) (Havent found a Project Addon)Which should I use??Feel free to suggest more!and yes, I have tried :) Please Help! :)

  7. What is wrong with my Javascript Code?It was running then I added the Email Checks (Checks @ and where the dot is) but now I added that it won't run...It runs when a Form is submittedhere is my code:

    <script type="text/javascript">function check(){	// Assign Positions	with(email)	{	apos_one = value.indexOf("@");	dotpos_one = value.lastIndexOf(".");	}		with(verify_email)	{	apos_two = value.indexOf("@");	dotpos_two = value.lastIndexOf(".");	}		// Check for Non-Blanks	if(document.registerform.username.value=="" || document.registerform.username.length==0)	{		alert('Please Fill in your Desired Username!');		document.registerform.username.focus();		return false;	}	else if(document.registerform.password.value=="" || document.registerform.password.length==0)	{		alert('Please Fill in your Desired Password!');		document.registerform.password.focus();		return false;	}	else if(document.registerform.verify_password.value=="" || document.registerform.verify_password.length==0)	{		alert('Please Verify your Password!');		document.registerform.verify_password.focus();		return false;	}	else if(document.registerform.email.value=="" || document.registerform.email.length==0)	{		alert('Please Fill in your Email Address!');		document.registerform.email.focus();		return false;	}	else if(document.registerform.verify_email.value=="" || document.registerform.verify_email.length==0)	{		alert('Please Verify your Email Address!');		document.registerform.verify_email.focus();		return false;	}		// Check Normal and Verify Fields Match	// Passwords	else if(document.registerform.password.value!==document.registerform.verify_password.value)	{		alert('Passwords Don\'t Match!');		document.registerform.password.focus();		return false;	}	// Emails	else if(document.registerform.email.value!==document.registerform.verify_email.value)	{		alert('Email Addresses Don\'t Match!');		document.registerform.email.focus();		return false;	}	// Check if Email Fields Contain an '@' Sign	// Check using IF Functions	else if(apos_one < 1 || dotpos_one-apos_one < 2) 	{		// WRONG		alert('Email Address not Real!' + '\n' + 'Please Use a Real Email!');		document.registerform.email.focus();		return false;	}	else if(apos_two<1||dotpos_one-apos_two<2) 	{		// WRONG		alert('Email Address not Real!' + '\n' + 'Please Use a Real Email!');		document.registerform.verify_email.focus();		return false;	}		// Finish JS Validation	else	{		return true;	}	}</script>	

  8. I have made a login script, because I have no users, it will always fail because it cant find the username to type in.BUT! for some reason, I type any username and password I click login and it just refreshes the page, The error text doesn't show??Why is this?Here is my login.php file:

    <?php	include('core.php');	$page = "Login";	include('templates/header.php');	$disablesidebar = true;	include('templates/sidebar.php');		// Form Submitted?	if ( isset($_POST['login']) )	{		// Form Submitted, Check Details & Log User In		$username = $_POST['username'];		$password = $_POST['password'];				if ( !$username | !$password | $username=="" | $password=="" )		{			$error = true;			$errortext = "Please Fill In All Fields!";		}		else		{			// Check Details			$get_username = @mysql_query("SELECT username FROM users WHERE username = '$username'");			$get_password = @mysql_query("SELECT password FROM users WHERE username = '$username'");						if ( !$get_username || !$get_password )			{				// User Doesn't Exist				$error = true;				$errortext = "User Not Found!";			}			elseif ( $get_password !== md5($password) )			{				// Passwords Don't Match				$error = true;				$errortext = "Password Incorrect!";			}			else			{				// Log User In				$user_cookie = setcookie('ft_username','$get_username',time()+3600);				$pass_cookie = setcookie('ft_password','$get_password',time()+3600);								if ( !$user_cookie || !$pass_cookie )				{					// Error Making Cookies					if ( !$user_cookie )					{						// Delete Password Cookie						$cookiedelete = setcookie('ft_password','',time()-3600);					}					elseif ( !$pass_cookie )					{						// Delete Username Cookie						$cookiedelete = setcookie('ft_username','',time()-3600);					}										if ( !$cookiedelete )					{						// Cookies Not Deleted						$cookiesdeleted = false;					}										$error = true;					$redirect = true;										if ( !$cookiesdeleted )					{						// change error text						$errortext = "Cookie Error! Please Enable Cookies, Delete All Cookies then try again!";												$redirect = false;					}					else					{						// normal error text						$errortext = "Cookie Error! Could Not Create Cookies!";												$redirect = false;					}										if ( $redirect )					{						// Redirect to Security Check						echo "";					}				}			}		}	}?>		<script type="text/javascript">function check(){	if(document.loginform.username.value=="" || document.loginform.username.length==0)	{		alert('Please Fill in your Username!');		return false;	}	else if(document.loginform.password.value=="" || document.loginform.password.length==0)	{		alert('Please Fill in your Password!');		return false;	}	else	{		return true;	}	}</script>									<div id="main">								<?php									// Check if User is Logged In					if ( loggedin() )					{						$error = true;						$errortext = "You Are Already Logged In!";						$showlogin = true;					}					else					{						// Show Login Form						$showlogin = true;						$error = false;					}										if ( $error )					{						// Show Error						?>				<h2><a href="#">Error!</a></h2>				<p><?php echo $errortext; ?></p>  				<?php									}										if ( $showlogin )					{						// Show Login Form				echo "<h2><a href=\"login.php\">Login</a></h2>";									if ( $error )					{						// Error Forund with Login, Display Error						echo "<font color=red>" . $errortext . "</font><br />";					}								echo "<form method=\"post\" action=\"login.php\" name=\"loginform\">";				echo "Username: <input type=\"text\" name=\"username\" value=\"\" class=\"textbox\" />";				echo "<br />Password:   <input type=\"password\" name=\"password\" value=\"\" class=\"textbox\" /><br />";				echo "<input type=\"submit\" name=\"login\" value=\"Login!\" class=\"button\" OnClick=\"return check();\" /></p>";				echo "<p><a href=\"forgot.php\" title=\"Click here to Request a New Password!\">Forgot Your Password?</a><br />";				echo "<a href=\"register.php\" title=\"Signup Here Today!\">Signup!</a>";				echo "</form>";					}								?>			</div>				<!-- content-wrap ends here -->			</div>					<?php	include('templates/footer.php');?>

    Please Help, thanks in advance!

  9. My site was working fine then suddenly I got an error 500 Internal Server Error.But... I don't know where its coming from! Is it my Webhost?I have deleted the .htaccess file in a bid to save my site but still the error appears!!It uses AJAX, PHP, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS in my site, it also uses some flash in it too.So, any ideas how I can repair?

  10. This code outputs the data in a mySQL table into a tablebut... it outputs random letters??Here is my code:

    <?php	require_once("db.inc.php");?><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en"><head>	<title>ForumTesting!</title>	<style type="text/css" media="screen, projection, print">		#mainbox {		border: 1px solid #FF0000;		outline: 1px solid #000000;		}				#mainbox img {		border: none;		}				#mainbox td {		border: 1px solid #FF0000;		outline: 1px solid #000000;		}				#mainbox th {		border: 1px solid #0000FF;		outline: 1px solid #000000;		background: #000000;		color: #FFFFFF;			}	</style>	</head><body>	<div align="center" id="mainbox">		<h2>Current Tests</h2>		<?php					// Get List of Current Tests			$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tests WHERE finished=0 AND active=1");						if ( !$query )			{				echo "Error, Could not get Tests!";			}			else			{				// Make Loop for Table				echo "<table>";				echo "<tr>";				echo "<th>Name</th>";				echo "<th>System</th>";				echo "<th>Version</th>";				echo "<th>Test Details</th>";				echo "<th>Status</th>";				echo "</tr>";								while($current = mysql_fetch_array($query))				{				echo "<tr>";				foreach( $current as $test )				{					if ( $test['status']=="open" )					{						echo "<td><a href=\"" . $test['link'] . "\" title=\"\" target=\"_blank\">" . $test['name'] . "<img src=\"sys/icons/link_go.png\" alt=\"\" border=\"0\" /></a></td>";					}					elseif ( $test['status']=="closed" )					{						echo "<td>" . $test['name'] . "<img src=\"sys/icons/lock.png\" alt=\"\" border=\"0\" /></td>";					}										echo "<td>" . $test['system'] . "</td>";					echo "<td>" . $test['version'] . "</td>";					echo "<td>" . $test['details'] . "</td>";										if ( $test['status']=="open" )					{						echo "<td><img src=\"sys/icons/lock_open.png\" alt=\"\" /></td>";					}					elseif ( $test['status']=="closed" )					{						echo "<td><img src=\"sys/icons/lock.png\" alt=\"\" /></td>";					}				}				echo "</tr>";				}								echo "</table>";			}				?>		<br /><br />		<h2>Old Tests</h2>		<?php			// Get List of Old Tests			$query2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tests WHERE finished='0' AND active='1'");			if ( !$query2 )			{				echo "Error, Could not get Results";			}			else			{				// Make Loop for Table				echo "<table>";				echo "<tr>";				echo "<th>Name</th>";				echo "<th>System</th>";				echo "<th>Version</th>";				echo "<th>Test Details</th>";				echo "<th>Result</th>";				echo "</tr>";				while($current2 = mysql_fetch_array($query2))				{				echo "<tr>";				foreach( $current2 as $test )				{					if ( $test['status']=="open" )					{						echo "<td>" . $test['name'] . "<img src=\"sys/icons/stop.png\" alt=\"\" border=\"0\" /></td>";					}					elseif ( $test['status']=="closed" )					{						echo "<td>" . $test['name'] . "<img src=\"sys/icons/lock.png\" alt=\"\" border=\"0\" /></td>";					}					echo "<td>" . $test['system'] . "</td>";					echo "<td>" . $test['version'] . "</td>";					echo "<td>" . $test['details'] . "</td>";					echo "<td>" . $test['result'] . "</td>";									}								echo "</tr>";				}				echo "</table>";			}		?>	</div></body></html>

    and here is a screenshot of the output:phpbadscreenyj4.jpgPlease tell me what I am doing wrong!!

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