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  1. LOL! He meant is was from him, like saying:thanks for your help,JamesOK? LOL!
  2. How can I make a Login System that Integrates into IPB Forum?Is there a way to do that? :)I couldn't find any on the internet... Please Help i'm stumped!
  3. I know Why now....The Addresses weren't right lol I'm such an Idiot lolPlease Lock / Delete Mods!
  4. I'm having a Problem with GreyBox...I have installed it correctly in an Included Header file which is included on every pageBut, I click on an image that I have setup to use GreyBox, GreyBox opensBUT, it just says "loading..." and sticks like that....Why isn't it loading my image?
  5. Nevermind, I found a better way:$extension = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);using pathinfo(); with only PATHINFO_EXTENSION
  6. I am using Glob to get all Files & Folders, then I am checking whether they are Files or Folders and Echoing them out separatly...But, I want to now get the Filetype of the Files.How do I do that??
  7. How can I do that??How can I detect what page(s) a user is currently visiting??
  8. Yeah! Now the Textbox gets the Info from the TXT FileBut..I have another problem, The Button doesn't work, it is supposed to redirect you to the Forum Link but it doesn't do anything!Help me once more??
  9. I'm making a Forum Page so that it displays the Forum Rules (in a .txt file) then you have to Click "I Accept" to enter the ForumBut, I have used PHP to Compensate for Errors.I use Variables to Change Forum Link and the Forum Rules TXT File,But now, it won't open my Forum Rules TXT fileCan anyone help?Here is the Code: <?php include( 'inc/header.inc.php' ); include( 'inc/sidebar.inc.php' ); $forumrulestxt = "rules.txt"; $forumlink = "/forum";?> <!-- Begin Right Column --> <div id="rightcolumn"> <h2>Forum!</h2> <?php if ( !$forum
  10. I mean this: <html><head></head><body>FRAME CODE</body></html> See the Top one is WRONGBottom one is right: <html><head>FRAME CODE</head><body></body></html> see?
  11. Nevermind, My Frame HTML was wrongI put it in <body>FRAME CODE</body> when it should be in <head>
  12. Because I am including files and making it generate stuff whether users are logged in or not,But, I echo out the Frame Coding and it doesn't display?Why doesn't it Display?
  13. Isn't Dark Blue meant to save energy on LCDs?or am I wrong??
  14. I made a simple HTML Frames thing to have a sidebar then links that open in a "Main" area,But, when I echo it in PHP it doesn't display?Do I need a certain extension on or something? for some reason I get a blank page??HELP??
  15. How can I populate a form Drop Down Box using PHP and a MySQL Database??I have tried before: <form><select name="select"><?php$sql = "SELECT * FROM country";$query = mysql_query($sql); $data = mysql_fetch_array($query);foreach( $data as $row ){ echo "<option value=" . $row['value'] . ">" . $row['country'] . "</option>";} ?></select></form> but for some reason it doesn;t display the values right, anyone help?
  16. Try $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] instead of $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
  17. Jamesking56

    Cron Job?

    What is a Cron Job? What use is a Cron Job? How do I make a Cron Job?
  18. try taking a look here:http://www.codebelly.com/javascript/backimagechange.html
  19. You need to add CSS into your Javascript, here is a small HTML file I tried it out on, copy this code into a new HTML file: <html><head><title></title><head><body><a href="page.html" OnMouseOver="this.style.backgroundColor='blue'" OnMouseOut="this.style.backgroundColor='yellow'">Page</a></body></html>
  20. is that really it? they dont really explain that in the tutorials......
  21. How do I only display the top TEN records, like if i had a table with 16 records, how do I only display the top ten in a certain order?
  22. Why don't you just use CTRL+F when viewing a webpage?
  23. The text is still black.......
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