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  1. I'm having a Problem with GreyBox...I have installed it correctly in an Included Header file which is included on every pageBut, I click on an image that I have setup to use GreyBox, GreyBox opensBUT, it just says "loading..." and sticks like that....Why isn't it loading my image?

  2. I'm making a Forum Page so that it displays the Forum Rules (in a .txt file) then you have to Click "I Accept" to enter the ForumBut, I have used PHP to Compensate for Errors.I use Variables to Change Forum Link and the Forum Rules TXT File,But now, it won't open my Forum Rules TXT fileCan anyone help?Here is the Code:

    <?php	include( 'inc/header.inc.php' );	include( 'inc/sidebar.inc.php' );		$forumrulestxt = "rules.txt";	$forumlink = "/forum";?>		 <!-- Begin Right Column -->		 <div id="rightcolumn">		       	     		<h2>Forum!</h2>				<?php									if ( !$forumlink | $forumlink="" | $forumlink="http://" )					{						echo "<h4>Sorry, We currently Don't have a Forum Yet!</h4>";					}					elseif ( !$forumrulestxt | !$forumrulestxt="" | $forumrulestxt="http://" )					{						echo "<h4>Click the Link Below to Enter the Forum:<br /><br /><a href=\"" . $forumlink . "\" title=\"James's Forum\">Enter Forum</a></h4>";					}					else					{						$forumrulestxt_open = fopen($forumrulestxt, "r");						if ( !$forumrulestxt_open )						{							echo "An Error Occured...";						}						$forumrulestxt_read = fread($forumrulestxt_open, "100000");						echo "<h4>Please Agree to the Forum Rules Below to Enter the Forum<br /><br /><textarea name=\"forumrules\">" . $forumrulestxt_read . "</textarea><br /><br /><input type=\"button\" name=\"agree\" value=\"I Agree\" OnClick=\"window.location($forumlink)\"/></h4>";						$forumrulestxt_close = fclose($forumrulestxt_open);					}								?>		 		 </div>		 <!-- End Right Column -->		 		 <?php		 		 	include( 'inc/footer.inc.php' );		 		 ?>		    </div>   <!-- End Wrapper -->   </body></html>

  3. Why not just do it without PHP? How are you trying to generate it with PHP?
    Because I am including files and making it generate stuff whether users are logged in or not,But, I echo out the Frame Coding and it doesn't display?Why doesn't it Display?
  4. I made a simple HTML Frames thing to have a sidebar then links that open in a "Main" area,But, when I echo it in PHP it doesn't display?Do I need a certain extension on or something? for some reason I get a blank page??HELP?? :)

  5. How can I populate a form Drop Down Box using PHP and a MySQL Database??I have tried before:

    <form><select name="select"><?php$sql = "SELECT * FROM country";$query = mysql_query($sql); $data = mysql_fetch_array($query);foreach( $data as $row ){		 echo "<option value=" . $row['value'] . ">" . $row['country'] . "</option>";}   		 ?></select></form>

    but for some reason it doesn;t display the values right, anyone help?

  6. I tried that but it didn't workhere is now how my code looks:

    <html><head><style type="text/css">.mainTable td {color: #FFFFFF;}</style><?phpinclude("config.php");?><title>BLANKED!</title></head><body bgcolor="#000000"><font color="white"><center><img src="IMAGE BLANKED"><br>Welcome to the BLANKED Downloads Area! BLANKED Database!<br><br>BLANKED!<br>Files:<br><?php$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM downloads WHERE file_type='theme'");echo "<table border='1' class='mainTable'><tr><th>File Name</th><th>Uploaded By</th></tr>";while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){echo "<tr>";echo "<td style=\"color: #FFFFFF;\"><a href=" . $row['link'] . ">" . $row['file_name'] . "</a></td>";echo "<td style=\"color: #FFFFFF;\">" . $row['uploaded_by'] . "</td>";echo "</tr>";}echo "</table>";echo "<br>";?></font></center></body></html>

  7. Well that doesn't make sense, did you put the CSS code into the <head> of the HTML document? You could add inline CSS to every table cell, but it would be a waste of space.echo "<td style=\"color: #FFFFFF;\">" . $row['file_name'] . "</td>";
    i will try that now,i did put that CSS in the Head of my document
  8. The easiest way would be to put a CSS class on the table and then set up some rules:echo "<table border='1' class='mainTable'>Then up in the head you can add this:<style type="text/css">.mainTable td { color: #FFFFFF;}</style>
    I just tried that and it didn't work, the text stayed black..... :)
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