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  1. I tried that but it didn't workhere is now how my code looks: <html><head><style type="text/css">.mainTable td {color: #FFFFFF;}</style><?phpinclude("config.php");?><title>BLANKED!</title></head><body bgcolor="#000000"><font color="white"><center><img src="IMAGE BLANKED"><br>Welcome to the BLANKED Downloads Area! BLANKED Database!<br><br>BLANKED!<br>Files:<br><?php$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM downloads WHERE file_type='theme'");echo "<table border='1' class='mainTable'><tr
  2. i will try that now,i did put that CSS in the Head of my document
  3. I just tried that and it didn't work, the text stayed black.....
  4. I have had to change a few things due to privacy issues.....can you help me change the text color to white in the table? i have tried to add <font> tags and it didn't work, it came up with PHP Errorsplease help! <html><head><?phpinclude("config.php"); [b]*THIS HAS MY DATABASE SETTINGS*[/b]?><title>TITLE BLANKED!</title></head><body bgcolor="#000000"><font color="white"> [b]*This does all of the writing EXCEPT the table*[/b]<center><img src="JUST A LOGO!!"><br>Welcome to the BLANKED OUT<br><br>B
  5. When I use glob(); it comes up as just"Array"
  6. How do I make PHP Generate an Index page showing all the files in the directory and linking to them?and if I add it changes??
  7. Like in PhpBB 3 it has an install system that changes the config.php file to whatever you typed inhow does it do that?
  8. Sorry for being so noobish....how do I add SSL Connection to a webpage? I have a Cpanel 11 Hosting account and I need SSL as important data is being sent throughPlease tell me!
  9. Did you encrypt the usernames/passwords?
  10. Its completely secure as it is written in PHP and Javascript...
  11. Try going to their site!http://www.sorbs.net
  12. Jamesking56


    my PHP logins do not workI found out I have to use Sessions...but I'm confused...How do I use them?
  13. if you want to test if MySql is working then go to my new test center!<snip-snip>and click mysql
  14. try putting all of them in 1 whole array
  15. Part 1: Create a password file and put it on the serverTo create a password file and put it on the server: 1. Windows - Open Notepad: Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, then click Notepad. Macintosh - Open Text Edit: Double-click your Macintosh HD icon, then double-click the Applications folder, then double-click the TextEdit icon. 2. Open a new blank file and name it: htpasswd 3. Set up one or more username/password combinations using one of the following sites that can generate encrypted UNIX passwords: * New Window http://spectrum.troy.edu/password/
  16. i want password protection for locking a browser so i need a password protection using a promt box and with multiple user so i can use it as my home page! but i cant make one!! help!! maybe make one for me??
  17. Jamesking56


    does this mean i can use it to host my own forums?
  18. Jamesking56


    im confused? What is an FTP server and what uses does it have?
  19. thanks m8! y dont u register @ my forums?
  20. cant you make me an "if statement"?
  21. what is the code to do this and i will add it in
  22. yea i have ipboard but i want to have the code not a mod! as i cant install mods on mine (its a free one hosted and invisionplus.net)
  23. i own my own forums! i can edit all the different sections in my forums but do you know how i can make it display a message at the top saying to my guests (people who have not registered) to register?
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