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  1. CMS/Forum Session/cookie management and security, picking a good example. I am starting an opensource GPL forum project primarily for the sake of learning. I have been looking at the different implementations for user authentication and session management of different CMS and forum packages.Trying to go through and learn what is being done. Also wondering which makes for the best example of a good clean way to implement it.I would prefer to store the bare minimum cookies client side and keep most data in session variables server side.Unless there is a good reason to have another cookie or two,
  2. Thank you so much worked perfect: function create_user(){var allclear = 'go';check_user(function(rval) {//should fire when callback function is called if(rval != 1) { allclear='check_user: '+rval; }});if(check_password() != 1) { allclear=allclear+' check_password ';} else if(check_confirm_password() != 1) { allclear=allclear+' check_confirm_password ';} else if(check_email() != 1) { allclear=allclear+' check_email ';} else if(check_gender() != 1) { allclear=allclear+' check_gender ';} else if(check_dob() != 1) { allclear=allclear+' check_dob ';} else if(check_termpriv() != 1) { a
  3. phpass uses Salt + stretch, and the default is blowfish, which is preferred over md5 by most.
  4. Hi w3schoon, I actually am in the process of finishing up a registration form that uses PHP with Ajax & JQuery. If you do your initial sanity checks in pure Javascript as Ingolme suggests then you can minimize the amount of requests to the server, then once you pass the initial javascript comparative checks you can pass your values with ajax so you can do things like checking if a username is available or not. I may even do some more pure javascript checks on my data just to minimize work on the server, however a registration page wont get worked nearly as much as other forms on the site.
  5. I have been working on my registration page for the last couple days, I just about have it finished and I hit a snag. If I call the below function from another function, the return value remains undefined because I believe it is out of scope, I tried a simple Return 1 or Return 0. then I tried using a variable so I could better see what was happening. It seems the variables within .post() lose scope? at the end of the function rval is still undefined. Is there another way to handle the variable, or a workaround? function check_usern(){var op = "checkuser";var usern = $("#usern").val();var pa
  6. DOH! I figured out the problem. The php manual example shows using the first row as the result, once I changed the row to 0 it worked. So it must start at row 0 for results, not row 1 http://www.php.net/m...etch-result.php I am still very curious to know if there are any security concerns using this method/guide/tutorial. so for anyone that is curious here is the tutorial I followed: http://www.openwall....Users-Passwords on that page there is a archive with all of the example documents, I used the files from "demo4" folder, which is just before "How to enforce a password policy"I was having a
  7. I have been developing a php web site. I have been trying to follow suggested best practices. I am running ubuntu minimalist install, and installed the following packages: nginx php5 php5-fpm postgresql phppgadmin php5-gd I have nginx up and running instead of apache.I have done some basic configuration for nginx.got my vhost setup and linked. and I am now able to browse my php pages on my local test machine running ubuntu. I have created my postgre database, and have a user setup. So I am to the point that I wanted to create a page to register/login/change password. I searched and found http:
  8. How do you change transparency if your source was not a fill color? In this example the transparency is changed for a fill color but I dont see how you could use this function to change the transparency if your source is from an image: http://is.php.net/ma...locatealpha.php The only thing I could see that might be able to be manipulated to work is the imagefilter() function. however none of the filtertype parameters are for transparency directly, but transparency can be passed to the other filtertypes, so I was thinking maybe the transparency could be changed in a roundabout way or maybe I am
  9. Yes, thank you both. after your comments I found a post explaining the difference I just wasnt using the right search terms: http://stackoverflow...ed-color-in-rgb quote: "It turns out that what you and I learned in grade school is really more accurately known as a subtractive color model, versus the additive color model used by RGB." I'm not going to bother trying to change or convert anything. It was just that when I seen the result of mixing yellow and blue and didn't get green I immediately thought something was wrong, but now that I know its possible to get green, you just have to mix cya
  10. ah, that explains a bit. and should definitely help in searching for the algorithm I need. Thank you
  11. I am trying to overlay some colors, and in some cases images with color and transparency.http://xekon.byethost7.com/ (if the image breaks, try refreshing the page) if I take a solid yellow picture, and overlay a 50% transparent blue, I get grey, or close to it depending on the levels of transparency. and it makes sense because yellow: rgba(255,255,0,1)blue: rgba(0,0,255,0.4) together rgb values all balance out to equal, and when all three are equal the color is grey. but in art, if you mix yellow & blue paint you get green paint, anyone know if this is possible using php gd?http://www.enc
  12. Doh! something so simple, I really appreciate your reply. I'de been staring at it for a couple hours trying this and that. I have bookmarked the validator at the top of my list
  13. Need expert help, Javascript is same as example, but has error in IE, works perfect in chrome/firefox. Jquery spectrum() colorpicker The example works perfect in Internet explorer, here: http://jsfiddle.net/bgrins/ctkY3/ Then on my test site, using the exact same css+js files it will not work on my site in IE: http://xekon.byethost7.com/ I have even simplified the example a bit. I cannot tell what the problem is, but I would certainly appreciate any help. I inspected the source at jsfiddle but did not see anything being done differently. edit: Also I am using windows 7, latest updates, Interne
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