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  1. hi! newbie question again!i've been making a simple site for my boyfriend and me, half the page is his, half is mine. everything's going fine with firefox but when i decided to view it with ie, there's this white border in between the 2 <div> (this doesnt happen in firefox!). what's wrong with it? im still starting to learn html and a little css so im kinda shy to show the site but if it'll help, you can see it at http://www.ryjin.com <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title>and tonight..you revolve around me..</title><style type="text/css"><!--html,body{overflow: scroll;}#left{padding: 5px;color: #c0c0c0;position: absolute;top: 0px;left: 0px;width: 50%;height: 100%;background-color: black;}#right{padding: 5px;color: #5F5A59;position: absolute;top: 0px;right: 0px;width: 50%;height: 100%;background-color: #FAAFBE;}IMG{border: 0px;position: absolute;}--></style></head></html> here's part of the code..hope someone can help me. thanks again!
  2. aND|e

    embedding fonts on a page

    thanks aspnetguy! the link was very useful. i wont be embedding a whole lot on the page..just a few words here and there..will this still affect my download time a lot? thanks again!
  3. aND|e


    hehehe..thanks guys..you're the best!
  4. hi! can anyone help me with this please? i've read in an html/css book that the font needs to be embedded on the page so visitors who doesnt have the font can still view it. does anyone know how to do this? i'd really appreciate it. thanks a lot!
  5. aND|e


    i was just wondering if its possible to have a div inside another div
  6. haha..ok i'll give it a try..actually its not the background for the whole page..i just want a paragraph to have a background (instead of using a color, i want to use an image). i'm still a little embarrassed since im just doing basic stuff. i just started learning about a couple of weeks ago as soon as i have everything organized ill start giving the link when i ask for help..haha! so basically i just want a background for my text, not the whole page
  7. Mikika it's for a paragraph's background. do i still need that? will this solve my problem regarding the image, that i only see 1/4 of the image (upper left)?
  8. thanks Jonas! it almost worked except that only the upper left corner of the image was visible on the page. why is that? is the image too large?
  9. hmm..i think it worked but the image was so small i had to check twice if it was the image or just dirt on my screen. haha! what if i just want it on 1 paragraph on my page Jonas? Correct me if I'm wrong but the code you posted will make every paragraph on my page have the same text background image, is that right? and how do i position the image and paragraph on the page? thanks a bunch!
  10. jonas you're a life saver! Let me try that out..thanks again!
  11. Mimika help! I can't understand what the book says on what to do about changing the text's background. its says type background: then type transparent or color, where colors is a color name or hex color. and if i want, i can also use an image by typing url (image.gif) instead. in this case i want to use an image. can you tell me what's the exact css code for this? i'd really appreciate it!
  12. found the answer in my book on css already..thanks Mimika!
  13. I was just wondering if its possible to have a text, lets say a whole paragraph (<p>) on top of an image? so, it'll be like a background for a specific froup of text. hope someone can help me thanks again soooo much!
  14. wow thanks guys! having that border was really annoying..
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