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  1. I want to introduce amazing easy to use engine which helps you set your html page background. You can use either a video, swf Flash or an image as your website background. The main features are: Very easy to use with simple function Completely HTML5 basis Video, Image and swf Flash backgrounds support With Documentation and different samples Adjusting media size Adjusting media absolute position Playing/Pause option Keeping the video aspect ratio Setting full screen mode based on media height or width Automatically loop the video You can download and see the preview online at:
  2. Hi I want to introduce a special free CSS code here which lets you have a beautiful and stylish task list. Download and use the code for free from:
  3. If you want to forget about all HTML5 all aspects, just consider to use HTML5 Canvas. Take a look at following examples: Canvas- Plot Data in Smart X-Y Chart Canvas- Moving Ball and Wall Hit Reflection Canvas- Bow and Arrow Shooting with Sound Canvas- Move Objects by Keyboard (Walk and Jump)
  4. Find a practical example about htaccess here: Article Manager with Direct Links Using htaccessI think you can do it for your company as well. Hope to be useful.
  5. I know that HTML5 provides Drag and Drop and is a powerful tool for it. However I just used it successfully for dragging and dropping HTML elements, HTML codes and Files. What other thing can I do with this feature? For example can I drag an address from the address bar and drop it on a text box? or can I do it reversely?
  6. Do not worry about compatibilities. There are no escape from HTML5. How ever some engines have solved the problem. For example read the following article about MathJax engine for HTML5 MathML: MathML – The basics of writing mathematics in a web page And also some features are, in fact, compatible; such as GeoLocation
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