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  1. Thanks aspnetguy for the response. I found the reason of the problem. The sequence in which I filled the DataAdapters was not appropriate - the rule is load the Parent table before the Child table, otherwise meet the problem.
  2. I am quoting a clear example of the Junction table, in Northwind sample database.When employing this database in a DataGrid, I receive DataConstraint Exception Error in the Junction table "Order Details" or in the "Orders" table, with the following error message:"Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints."On displaying one of the errant tables, each row complains as below:"ForeignKeyConstraint, Shipper_Order (for example) requires the child key values ????? to exist in the parent table.NOTES: 1- I established Relations
  3. Yes, this is the DatatGrid. Unfortunately, I could not find any property relating to this feature - in DataGrid, its TableStyles or the GridColumnStyles properties.Seeking further help.
  4. I need to include a column in an SQL Server table, which can hyperlink to some text stored somewhere inside or outside the same database.My ultimate goal is that when I view the table in a control, DataGrid for example, and click that link, it should take me to the destination link or open the linked file.Please help.R. A. Abbasi
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