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  1. Well, I put it online, but after reading through the forum rules I am not so sure I should post the address. It is one of those "free domain names". Also, I have resolved the bug in question, having gotten the sprites to display. Remember kids, when making multiple canvas elements for a video game, set your inline style position to 'absolute;left:0;top:0;'
  2. I will put it online sometime today for you. The reason I am assuming it is a logical error and not a syntax error is because I am not receiving any error messages at this time in firebug or the google chrome javascript console.
  3. I just corrected a small bug, but it didn't solve the problem. On lines 48 and 49 I typed "img.x" and "img.y" instead of "imgX" and "imgY". I had also defined sprites[0].img as an object.
  4. I seem to have gotten in over my head with this project. I spent most of the day just typing out code, without the ability to debug it due to slow browser speed. When I got off work I started correcting my syntax errors, which didn't take very long. Unfortunately, I have spent many hours trying to resolve some sort of logic error in the game which is apparently a very serious one, as it prevents any of my sprites from appearing. The fillRect() function is showing up perfectly, but the drawImage() function is not. I will go ahead and post the whole game code, as it is pretty concise by my own meager standards. I am a noob to javascript and coding in general, and this will probably show. That being said, I really expected this to work, and would certainly appreciate any help which is on offer. Upon previewing my post I noticed that spacing differences rendered my map array unreadable. I have decided to attach a text file (as I am not permitted to upload .js files) instead of pasting. I hope this is acceptable. script.txt
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