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  1. It might seem like an odd choice at first. I believe that the friendly UI, extensive documentation and huge availability of widgets is just a few of the many positives. I've just created a basic theme that is easily installed. Afterwards you have all the widgets (about 3.400) for Wordpress available to you and of course you can code your own with a bit of PHP.
  2. Hi I'm working on a wordpress theme that will replacement my Igoogle startpage. You'll need to install the theme on a wordpress site to test it - sorry! I've attached the theme .zip More information on the site igoogle-replacement.blogspot.com Best regardsMadsRH igiggle.zip
  3. Sorry, I see that now. But when I set the DIV with ID="rss1" the content doesn't show up :boredom:Does the ID only work inside the JS scope? I really don't understand why it doesn't show up inside the DIV in my PHP function.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I don't know why, but this didn't work. I looks like all the DIVs have the ID rss1. I'm trying to add a Wordpress RSS widget (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15560865/output-url-to-wordpress-widget). So the URLs should be PHP variables from $lineOne.
  5. Hi Can someone tell me how to do a foreach and increase the "rss1" number inside this javascript? <script type="text/javascript"> function load() { var feed ="http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/service/feeds/allenyheder"; new GFdynamicFeedControl(feed, "rss1"); var feedtwo ="http://feeds.feedburner.com/d0od?format=xml"; new GFdynamicFeedControl(feedtwo, "rss2"); var feedtwo ="http://www.engadget.com/rss.xml"; new GFdynamicFeedControl(feedtwo, "rss3"); var feedtwo ="http://feeds.newzmedia.dk/c/32893/f/582669/index.rss"; new GFdynamicFeedControl(feedtwo, "rss4"); } google.load("fe
  6. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh of course! That makes sense. It works perfect now!!! Thanks for all the help everyone
  7. Thanks for all the feedback!!! I'm a newbie with PHP, so I'm just trying to understand how this works. Would an array look like this: $CustomMenuLinks = array( "YouTube" => "www.youtube.com", "Gmail" => "www.gmail.com",); But I can't do it without the Return command. I've tried echo, but it doesn't help me.
  8. Hi. Can anyone tell me why this code only adds one menu item to my wordpress nav? I'm sure this could be done with an array, but I couldn't figure out how. add_filter( 'wp_list_pages', 'my_menu_link' );add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'my_menu_link' ); function my_menu_link($items) { global $wp_query; $CustomMenuLinks;$CustomMenuLinks["Gmail"] = "www.gmail.com";$CustomMenuLinks["YouTube"] = "www.youtube.com";$CustomMenuLinks["aaaaaaaa"] = "www.sdsaaaaaaaaa.com";$class ='menu-item'; foreach( $CustomMenuLinks as $title=> $url){ $menu_link = '<li class="'.$class.'"><a href="'.$url.
  9. HiI'm trying to add an option page with a colorpick to my wordpress site, but I can't make the INPUT background update when a color is selected. I added a STYLE but this will only update the background color when I save the changes. I'm pretty sure that it's in the code below or in the javascript file the error is: <input type="text" name="my-theme-options[color]" value="<?php echo esc_attr( $options['color'] ); ?>" style="background-color: <?php echo esc_attr( $options['color'] ); ?>" id="color" /> Here's my code: http://pastebin.com/YHUR6HMk Based on this tutorial: http
  10. madsrh

    $_SESSION database

    HiI'm trying to set up “sign-in with Google” feature (https://developers.g...ocs/OAuth2Login) for my website, so I can access my private Google calendars on the site. This is way to advanced for me, but fortunately there's a sample snipet I can use. My problem is that it says: [color=#ff0000]// Set your cached access token. Remember to replace $_SESSION with a[/color][color=#ff0000]// real database or memcached.[/color]session_start(); and then later: [color=#ff0000] Remember to update the cached access token.[/color] // Remember to replace $_SESSION with a real database or memcached.
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