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  1. Thanks jesh, I must have missed that tutorial. Will give it a try.
  2. Hi,I am generating xml using asp: Set TestElement = XMLDoc.createElement("test") How do you get two elements inside the xml tag? For example if i wanted to create the following tag: <test name="help" id="12"/>
  3. Panic over, I have sorted it using an if statement if anyone is interested. i=1do while i <3SQL="select...."rs1=execute SQL if i=1 then varCost1=rs1("cost") elseif i=2 then varCost2=rs1("cost")etc... end ifi=i+1loop
  4. Hi,I have a loop and I want a new variable to be created each time the loop goes round. Some simplified code: i=1do while i <3SQL="select...."rs1=execute SQLvarCost=rs1("cost")i=i+1loop I would like it so that varCost changed to varCost1, varCost2, varCost3 etc. :)Thanks
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