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  1. I think looking at the javascript code for the marquee, I am not sure that will work with image files. Am I right in understanding that is for text?I think I am going to look into the <div> tag option as suggested below (many thanks), despite having no experience of using them. They seem to be the great liberator of the not so flexible html world, probably why I have not used them... my web design is very antiquated. If anyone has any useful tutorials (I have read w3) that mention bit on how to position and style to a more advanced level that would be great. I am currently looking at the Lissa Explains tutorial which covers the basics nicely.Thanks for your help / advice.
  2. Some great stuff there people, I will play around and let you know how I get on. I probably should have put this on earlier, but this is the site that I want to apply it to ninefivethree.co.uk.
  3. Thanks for the replies folks, I think you have kind got what I am after.There is a 'kind-of' example here in the news section. The reason I say kind of is that you'll notice they've not used iframes, they've used quite a clever technique though, but in truth I can't get my head around it...This page shows another example-ish http://www.csbsupport.com/samplecode/id284.htmCheers.
  4. That is not really what I had in mind, I am more after having an automatic scrolling in the window itself.
  5. Hi,As mentioned in the title, I would like my iframe to scroll along the x axis automatically so that the content on that page appears like a sliding film strip (if that makes any sense).Can this be done?Thanks!
  6. zog953

    "dynamic" Email

    It does have PHP. Thanks for that, I did have a read through that earlier, but being completely new to the concept of PHP I am afraid I was not much more informed...Do you know of any step-by-step tutorials, or examples that I might be able follow?
  7. zog953

    "dynamic" Email

    I have not come across PHP mail() before. Could you explain it to me in very simple 'zog' friendly terms...?
  8. zog953

    "dynamic" Email

    Folks,I would like to add something to a website contact page where the user would click a mailto link as they would do to send a normal email. But I would like to know if it is possible to, when the email opens using their chosen email program they open an email that looks like a form, which they can then fill out with their details, etc.Is this possible?Cheers!
  9. zog953


    Ladies and Gents,I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am looking for a bit of help, you see not so long ago my motherboard crashed, died, dead. Anyway I bought a replacement while I am rebuilding that one. Trouble is it caused the hard drive and memory to die too.Now on this replacement PC I am using now I seem to have lost certain fonts from what I had before. The most important ones being Aldine 721 BT and AmeriGarmnd BT. I have scouted about on the web but all of the free fronts on there are usually really wacky ones called "Joe's Foot" and other wierd and wonderful things.Do any of you know where I can get hold of 'decent' fonts to import to this PC?Many thanks!
  10. My apologies, I have solved my problem rather simply. <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!-- Scriptwindow.location="http://www.yourwebsite.co.uk/";// --></script>
  11. I am hoping I am in the right section for this question. I want to build a web page which when people access will automatically redirect to another web address.Is anybody able to explain how this works and how I might go about doing this?Many thanks.
  12. Hi,I am trying to find a way of securing web content such as images and pdf files. I would like these to be viewed by who ever wishes to view them, but because of copyright I need to prevent anyone from saving, printing, etc...It really needs to be secure as (without trying to sound all 007) by nature organised crime units would be interested in securing the documents for their own use.Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Ahh, thank you. I have another question... If I want the link to direct to an Iframe can I just insert a... target="name_of_iframe" ?
  14. I don't really understand what to do with that...?
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