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  1. As I had expected, it did not help... I get the same error type. Why would this change anything if it did work at school the first way, without the square-brackets? However, the first general problem pertaining to opening ASP files seemingly has been solved because now the date file (<%=date()%>) does work. So the problem is with one specific file. Any other ideas why do I get this message? (Operation must use an updateable query)
  2. well, this is the asp file:<%set c=server.createobject("adodb.connection")c.open "driver={microsoft access driver (*.mdb)};dbq=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HarryPotter\table.mdb;"dim fi,la,mo,da,ye,em,ad,ci,cou,note,mysqlfi="'" & Request.QueryString("fname") & "'"la="'" & Request.QueryString("lname") & "'"mo="'" & Request.QueryString("month") & "'"da="'" & Request.QueryString("day") & "'"ye="'" & Request.QueryString("yr") & "'"em="'" & Request.QueryString("email") & "'"ge="'" & Request.QueryString("mf") & "'"ad="'" & Request.QueryString("add
  3. Well, the popup box stopped appearing after enabling the "Anonymous access". But now I get the "The page cannot be displayed" page, showing error type:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query./HarryPotter/save.asp, line 32Line 32 is:c.Execute mysqlI read that one of the causes of this error type is that the database would be set to "Rad-only" attribute. However, I checked it and it's not! What could cause this error, then?
  4. I didn't get it how can I open up IIS, I never have. However, if that what you mean, I clicked a right-click on the site directory, and chose the "Web Sharing" tab. There, I clicked "Edit Properties...". Under "Access Permissions", I have "Read" and "Write" checked, while "Script source access" and "Directory browsing" unchecked. This is how it was at school, where it actually worked fine. In that window I also have "Application permissions" where I can chose one of the three options "None", "Scripts" and "Execute (include scripts)"... The second option is chosen.Is everything how it's suppose
  5. I have just created an ASP file, and wrote inside it <%=date()%>. When I open this file using IE, it's supposed to show today's date, isn't it? I tried to open it using "http://localhost/HarryPotter/date.asp", but the same message appeared, the one requesting username and password! Probably my PC has a problem reaching any ASP file. Does this point out on anything? What is causing this?
  6. <%set c=server.createobject("adodb.connection")c.open "driver={microsoft access driver (*.mdb)};dbq=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HarryPotter\table.mdb;"
  7. Yes I have installed IIS on my computer. The whole project and the files are located in one folder under the wwwroot directory. The path to the wwwroot is the same as it is in school. So I just copied the project the way it is at school and pasted it here, exactly as it is. I've also asked my friend to send me his project, which does work on his PC, but did not work on mine, showing the same window I have mentioned. It says "Connect to aw10-xckzbson9e" (aw10 is my account name).I don't know what ODBC is and I haven't understood what you actually suggested to do. Can you please explain more?Tha
  8. well, first of all, my knowledge in ASP is very superficial. I don't know if the problem I encountered is a problem at all, so I apologise in the first place.we have a school project to build a site containing a few specific points. One of them is to have a registration form, whereas the user clicks the "submit" button, it sends the info to an MDB file. while working on it at school, everything went fine and the table in the MDB file received the info. however, here at home, when I click "submit" a small window appears, requiring username and password, titled "Connect to...". probably some of
  9. well I've made an html page split into two, using the frameset. on the right page, i put a background which is a 1024x768 image. the background appears only partially at my current resolution. if I put a higher resolution i'll see more of the image, and if I put a lower resolution, clearly, I'll see less. so my question is how can I fit the background to the page so it will be seen properly at any resolution? I can change its size to make it look perfectly at my screen according to my resolution, but I don't think this is a logical solution since people will have to change their resolution eve
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