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  1. hello I want my visitor can review my webpage even offline if they visit it allrady I want my browser first check if internet is connected so renew my web page and if internet is disconected. browser show a last view of it. I find this metoth if it help me My webpage is "peage2.html" and contain some file(offline.css offline.js pot.jpg) i set manifest as below <html lang = "en" manifest = "cache.manifest"> and this is my "cache.manifest" CACHE MANIFEST# MMM2offline.cssoffline.jspot.jpgNETWORK:* my problem is when i use this method all thing will FREEZ (even when I conected to internet and I call my page and refrish and f5 or ctrl+F5 but it show the old view.) note:these files will be freez: 1-peage2.html 2-offline.css3-offline.js4-pot.jpg till I change and edite my cache.manifest I haven't prbomlem with freezing and caching these files offline.cssoffline.jspot.jpg but I need main file ("peage2.html") save and cach only for show and use on offline case and if I be online browser Renew my peage2.html (it's text and html) by "F5". in normaly case if we be offline and call a webpage , the browser show "can not find server" error or "you are offline" error as you see in "cache.manifest" I don't write the main file name (peage2.html) but it freez too what can I to do? thank for your time I get pardon for my gramer and diction
  2. hi Thanks for fast replay I test your code and I make a print.css and fill all of my css code to it too BUt it don't work . I work with "print.css" for some other projects alrady when you set a css for printing it effect to "priveiw print" too. but in this above case On firefox "blured css shadows" show on priview but! "blured css shadows" Ignored by Printers Could you please test the above code. are you can print a "css blured shadow" ? like this code? <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>h1 {text-shadow:2px 2px 5px #FF0000;}</style></head><body><h1>Text-shadow effect</h1></body></html> thanks
  3. hello (please run and test this simple code for real printing (pdf or paper)) text-shadow don't work properly on new version When I use text-shadow or box-shadow on blured case it don't printed and show only simple text without any shadow <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>h1 {text-shadow:2px 2px 5px #FF0000;}</style></head><body><h1>Text-shadow effect</h1></body></html> It show on FF print priveiw BUT NOT on real print (like PDF, or real paper) this problem is for last version and for example We can print css shadow on old version 3.5 of FIREFOX but not on version 28. On firefox "blured css shadows" show on priview but! "blured css shadows" Ignored by Printers Note: on example on above I set "blur" to 5px
  4. Is there any suggestion?
  5. Himy Table has about 1,000,000 Records that saved During 20 daysThese are my fields . that save Ip Of my visitor. ID , Date_server , IP"Date_server" is Date-time DATA TYPE Now I want count number of my visitors.so this is my query to count my VISITORs on '3-10-2011'. SELECT COUNT(distinct ip) AS [Number of visitors]FROM Table1where CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),(Date_server), 105) = '3-10-2011' It return 5700 Then I check by some another counters.They return 7600 After it I see that problem is "VISITOR" 's Meaning. this is my new rule-When an Ip(visitor) leave my site for more than 30 minutes. then he return to site , He is a new visitor.-But if he has not a gap large than 30 minutes. he is not a new visitor for my counter. What query you offer for me, instead "Distinct"?or is there any advance "Distinct"?or can we use advance "Where" or sub-query ? I need your code sample pleaseThanks for your time
  6. yes it is my question. but I know what is appending, but my question is about its system and technique. I am making a log file that it save a report of act of an Asp file. now my log file will be large and large. and I think and worry that it make trouble for server each time it want save new DATA in this file. What is important for server and my performance programing when I use "OpenTextFile(Path,8)" ? size of new data that we want add. size of old data that we had saved it in our log file in before? (for example size of file:40MG). my ask is about system and technique and performance of "OpenTextFile" If our file be large it make trouble for CPU and RAM of server? (I don't worry for hard drive (host))Thanks of your time
  7. SET SED = server.CreateObject("Scripting.fileSystemObject") set fil11 = sed.OpenTextFile(Path,8)' append in this code above when this code use appande case it must open all file strime then append? I am worry if my file be very big. append case upload all of data of file then Add then Save. OR .. only Add and Saving(without uploading) what is appending? thanks
  8. dsonesuk thanks you Jquery is so powerful !!!But I can not use any included script on my code (like jquery) in this project Is there any way to use jquery ,(without including!!!)? Is there any way (code suggestion) to use the clear JavaScript
  9. Don E thanks but I can not Use ID attribute. I can use only "Itemprop" what about if(td[i].Itemprop == "productID") ?????? and <td Itemprop="productID">260871544234</td>
  10. HiI want find the tag by "Itemprop" value by java-script. <td valign="top" itemprop="productID">260871544234</td> I want a code that it returen the value of a TD that it has an attribute "itemprop='productID'" this code search for <TD> tags and if it has "itemprop='productID'" , get its value, for example it return 260871544234 I want get text that write on <TD></TD> tag. and <TD> Tag must this attribute "itemprop='productID'" so this <TD> is valid to getting it's value. I need 260871544234 thanks for your help
  11. khadem1386


    Hello allI need to some code line about to use "Set EncryptedData = Server.CreateObject("CAPICOM.EncryptedData")" in ASP3To Encrypt my data like (fields "name", "family").thank you very much
  12. khadem1386


    I am searching and find this code1-What is differ between of these codes? Response.Cookies("mycookie").Path = Response.Cookies("mycookie").Path + "; HttpOnly" Response.AddHeader "Set-Cookie", "mycookie=yo; HttpOnly" 2-And when can I use them? ( what page).3- If I set my cookie to HttpOnly . what is it's results (I think and afraid about limitation after it)4- is it any differ between my sessions and my cookies.? (I think that this notice is for my cookies management) yes?thank you very very much for your time.
  13. could you please write some code as example? is it true?Response.AddHeader "AUTH_PASSWORD","XXX" What headers are important to avoid of hacking. and improveing security? in the other hand you use "MAY" in your sentences.is it your meaning "Perhaps" and "may be"?Did you try it before?And what about if I could use asp.net?Thank you very much
  14. My site is based on ASP3I get some notice about security of my site:--Information Leakage--discriptions:Your site, web server discloses version numbers and architecture information within the HTTP response headers.So The following HTTP Headers are attached to every HTTP response from the your site application. This information helps an attacker profile the application architecture of your site and may point towards existing vulnerabilities.Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0X-Powered-By: ASP.NETand you must :Remove identifying information from the HTTP response headers.Is there any code in asp3 to manage number and type of my HTTP response headers?or this matter set only By IIS.I am using a shared server.Thank you very much for your help
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