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  1. Thanks you for your help its work great for me !!! Thanks again
  2. Hi , It my first post on the forum but i'm a old user of your web site. My problem is in asp i need tor creat a random fonction like loto. I explain y probleme, i have an arrey like this (19,20,21,22,23,24,25) and it can be any longueur with many number other exmple (99,100,101,104,105) What i need its too place in different order like a random this array First exemple original=(19,20,21,22,23,24,25) after (22,20,24,21,23,19,25)after (20,19,21,24,23,22,25)and ... First step i do its a code to find how number of value in array.I count the array,I repalce all , by nothing ans i recount the array now i know in how i need to split my arraybut i dont how to place my value in a different order and not 2 time every value need to be there but in a different order Sorry for my english i try my best If some body have a suggest for me its appreciate. I need to do this on a looping for a multiple insert in a bd but for that its not a problem for me Thanks you Have a nice day
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