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  1. I did do the HTML5 doctype as suggested, and then found my BIGGEST problem that was causing issues in IE. I forgot to set the width of the body to 960px. I only had it at 960 which I've learned in the past that it causes problems. I'm satisfied with what I have now. I had to use absolute positioning for the marquee and church info, otherwise It would be all messed up. I tried floating it but it didn't work. Thanks for your help. I should be ok from here on out. Have a good day!
  2. Thanks for your response. What doctype would you suggest? Not really up-to-date on HTML5 yet. The church specifically requested for marquee, and I've told them it's out of style and can get annoying, but they really want one on the index page, but not on the other pages. I'll give the CSS float a try, forgot about it. Thanks!
  3. I'm having issues with this website I'm working on (temporary location for sharing): http://zach-php.host-ed.me/sjucc_new/ In Firefox and Chrome, it's coming up exactly how I want it to. However, when it comes to IE, it will push the Church's info and the marquee past the right side of the viewable page (i.e. you have to scroll right to see it), and the border is around the page, not at the width I set it to and the height to only surround the main content of the page. I've tried messing around with other DOCTYPEs, but can't seem to get anything to work properly. I'm sure I have something wrong in the CSS that I'm overlooking. It would help to have a fresh set of eyes. One last thing, only the index page is online. I won't get started with the other pages on the site until the format is correct with all three browsers. Thanks in advance! - Zach
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