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  1. try this <?phpfunction checkEmail($email) { $pattern = "/^[A-z0-9\._-]+" . "@" . "[A-z0-9][A-z0-9-]*" . "(\.[A-z0-9_-]+)*" . "\.([A-z]{2,6})$/"; return preg_match ($pattern, $email);}if(checkEmail($your_email_address_to_be_validate)){ echo "Correct Email";}else{ echo "You have entered invalid email address";}?>
  2. mani_

    PHP form element cache

    Hello everybody.I need to know how can i store the values of a select list box in session.Consider i have a selection list <select size=10 name="list1"><option value="val1">Value 1</option><option value="val2" selected >Value2</option><option value="val3">Value 3</option><option value="val4">Value 4</option></select> I want to ask when user click the submit button the page goes to next, and got an error. on the next page there is a button called back. When user click on that button it should return to form and with the same list box elements and same element should be selected.how to perform this in php, may be values can be stored in sessions but i dont have idea of list boxes.
  3. How??I have ftp account through which i am uploading the files..how can i refresh the IIS of the server.
  4. using the IIS and i delete the index.htm from there .. all ok when i type mydomain.com on address bar without www it opens the index.phpbut when i type www.mydomain.com it opens the same file index.htm .. i delete it from the server but it still showing up..is it stored in cache of server or ISP's cache???
  5. Hello all..i need some information about web hosting..my friend have hosted a website which contains a page index.html as a default page....but then he said me to develop his website and i do it on php..as i have the default page index.php then how can i set the page from index.html to index.php such that whenever we type www.mydomain.com then index.php should open..any idea??
  6. mani_

    Form / Email

    You may have to include a php script to do this work.. here is a php example which is very easy....Just change your form.html to form.php and then put this code in between your head tag <?php if(isset($_POST['ok'])) { mail($_POST['mailTo'],$_POST['subject'],$_POST['message']); } ?> And make your form like this: <form method="POST">Reciepent's Email:<input type="text" name="mailTo" size="30"><br>Subject:<input type="text" name="subject" size=50><br>Message:<textarea rows="10" cols="30" name="message"></textarea><br><input type="submit" name="ok" value="Send"></form> you can put an alert inside the form tag.
  7. You may have to change you file name from index.html to index.shtml then you can include your menu.html page in any file....if you dont want to change the extension of file then use the javascript...1. Create an external javascript file on notepad by typing.. document.write("<a href=your-location>Menu1</a><br>");document.write("<a href=your-location>Menu2</a><br>");document.write("<a href=your-location>Menu3</a><br>");document.write("<a href=your-location>Menu4</a><br>"); 2. Now save it as your-file-name.js3. Include it in html page anywhere by typing <script type=text/javascript src="your-file-name.js"></script> That is a sample.. you can make changes to script.
  8. Okey i tellI have a list of articles in database.. suppose i have 50 (id = 1 to 50)Now every week i want to display 10 unique article links on my main page.....
  9. mani_

    text shadow

    <span style="width: 150; height: 50; font-size: 20px; font-family: verdana; color: #ff00cc; filter: dropshadow(Color=#00ff00, OffX=2, OffY=2, positive=2)">Dropshadow</span> Use your settings or read the other effect tutorial at this page Creating Text Effects using CSS
  10. mani_

    GET & POST

    GET and POST both are used in forms to submit informations..let suppose you have a form[code]<form action=&#34;index.php&#34; method=&#34;POST&#34;><input type=&#34;text&#34; name=txtUser><input type=&#34;submit&#34; value=&#34;Submit&#34;></form>[/code]Now when you submit the form the address bar will show only the addess of index.php .. all the information (txtUser) will be passed with headers.. but now shown in Browser's address bar..It will as like following[b]http://www......./index.php[/b]But if you use the GET method instead of POST then after submitting you will notice that address bar will show [b]http://www......./index.php?txtUser=[color="blue"]value[/color][/b]where value is that which is wrriten in text box..I hope you have understand the difference now :)
  11. Okey i have a problem..let suppose i have 1 to 50 numbers..and a month contains 30 days..i want a combination of 10 unique numbers every week day(Monday) in the month.so after every 7 days 10 numbers generated automatically out of 50..is there any solution of this??
  12. yes thats works and the same thing i was meaning.I have a index.htm page as a home page and another php file.. i dont want to change the index.htm to index.php... thats why i was asking to put some output from php file in htm file..thanks anyways
  13. Anyone tell me how can i call a php file (a function inside that file) by using Javascript in a HTML page.
  14. Do you want to split the page by using frames or table??The code for the table is below <html><head><title> Page title</title></head><body><table width="75%" align="center" border="1"><tr><td width="100%" colspan="3"> This is the heading or the top Row <br><br></td></tr><tr><td width="20%"> The left Column<br><br><br><br><br></td><td width="60%"> The center Column</td><td width="20%"> The right Column </td></tr></table></body></html> You can specify the height of table. But if you use the CSS the code can be reduced.
  15. use for a single space wherever you want to put a space.
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