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  1. take text box in <p> teg and put align.it will work.
  2. i don't know that how to add footer in html so please teach me ?
  3. <!DOCTYPE html><html><title>Well come to VAB.com</title><frameset rows="*,65%,*" border="1"><frame name="login" id="li" scr="head.html" scrolling="no"></frame><frame name="contion" id="cont" src="signup.html" scrolling="auto"></frame><frame name="language" id="lang" src="language.html" scrolling="auto"></frame></framest></html> i cant get proper out put in this codei want to make desine like facebook i put all the file below plece ans me fast. signup.html login.html head.html FROM.html
  4. <a href=''url''> <inpu type=''buttons'' value='' ''></a>
  5. You have to put div and put header in it and put logo & put unöther table in it with 6 img and and put all image in <a> tage
  6. <sub>text</sub> for subscript & <sup>text</text> for superscript
  7. any body tell me to how to put a vertical line in html

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