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  1. asho101

    Is there???

    Is there a example php game to download or play as a admin online?
  2. asho101

    Any suggestions

    I am creating a php game like infamousgangsters. Has anyone got any suggestions on: Creating the game or what should be on the game?
  3. I do know php but just thought somone midht have sujestion on how!I know how just thought people could help!
  4. Most things end with a conclusion. When you went to school you had to write a conclusion at the end of science write ups it is exactly the same.I don't see a problem!
  5. Does anyone know how to make a php game like infamousgangsters.com?If so can you tell me!Thanks,Ash
  6. asho101

    Please Visit

    Can anyone recomend some book for me to read to learn PHP?
  7. Wich is the one for logining pages?
  8. don't know wich one to click is there one for all of them?
  9. Cool but is there one with examples?Thanks anyway!Sort of like the css atributes on w3schools.
  10. asho101

    Domain Name

    What about www.codemaster.com?
  11. Yes that is what i meant
  12. No tried that no list
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