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  1. WHEN NECESSITY DICTATES A DESIGN, THE PRODUCT LASTS FOREVER. Eight (8) years later AND I started linear/multiple browsing in NotJustBrowsing¬ģ (2005-2006) {most recently "NotJustBrowsing Desktop" (2015)} and I hope my new technique will supersede linear browsing. Nothing lasts forever.
  2. The way Google dumped usual MS Windows dependent user interface indicates that Linux or other OS versions of Chrome may just be round the corner.
  3. I think it was some other address in my clipboard that i wanted to paste in Google's Chrome. Thanks. It did crash on ":%" too.
  4. Yesterday it was crashing just by clicking right mouse button in address bar but today it isn't. It may have been updated live by itself or what?
  5. Design in a way that his business grow and he comes back for further development. In this case you can charge minimum (say £200) for now. Since you know he is going to grow due to your design, so he will come back soon and will be paying you more for further developments. Soon you will become part of his business, his success will be your success. He may also recommend others for your services.Your client must get value for money. If your work increases his profit, he will be happy to pay you more later. You can also link cost to produce those pages with his profit from your work.Keep your options open and don't let client go elsewhere.
  6. Just a guess, try with complete path instead of relative "video/liondance2007.wmv".
  7. eBBee

    web 2.0

    A website designed to be driven by its member users from their own contents. Such a website is called a web 2.0 application.
  8. eBBee

    C and C++

    Kevin_M, would you explain why do you want to learn any of C, C++ or C# for?C is a functional language, C++ is a very loose object oriented language where as C# is strictly object oriented like Java.C++ found to be creating more mess than it is suppose to clear that is why world is moving away from it.Although there is no harm in learning C than C++ and moving on to any modern language afterwards. Once you are familiar with C++ you will realize that you can do all non-object oriented things using C++.
  9. eBBee

    web 2.0

    Have a feel for web 2.0 by looking at the awarded applications.
  10. eBBee

    Web Statistics

    Chief Executive Eric Schmidt (of Google) says link
  11. I am talking about those programs which sit in between operating system and physical memory and compress in the way towards physical memory and uncompress data moving towards operating system.First link that I quoted earlier also described Performance issue in the days of 80386, 16MHz is not an issue now a days but directly accessing memory address bypassing security features of operating system may be.You are right, obviously nothing can be done except to add another GB of RAM if Adobe CS3 Web Premium ask for 1GB chunk of RAM at starting time. music_lp90 why didn't you looked at the requirements of software before ordering? It is like you ordered a sofa that is not going to fit in your house and now either you extend your room to fit it in or may be buying a suitable house to accomodate it.
  12. Don't be so sure without any reason. I used this kind of program at the time to double 2MB to 4MB but I am not sure if one of these programs evolved to double 1GB.http://www.macreviewzone.com/archive/hardc...views/RD9.shtmlhttp://www.tokyopc.org/newsletter/1995/11/ramdrev.html
  13. Google for "RAM Doubler" or "Memory Doubler" (one of which is http://www.lowtek.com/maxram/rd.html).These kind of programs use to work well in $25/MByte times.
  14. eBBee

    Web Statistics

    It is due to my mistake of expressing one subject in two paragraphs. It should have been one paragraph. In above mentioned case of browsers and analytics tool, I was trying to point out commonality of knowing source & destination from given information. What other tools or software are there that can provide this information?For me, if I have the wealth of half of the world I will exchange it with the information that google is getting through analytics (i.e., source & destination). Who knows what, is the key to the domination in this century.
  15. eBBee

    Web Statistics

    Yes, people are free to use Google Analytics but what I am saying is that people are not told that google will use this information only to provide you statistics. If they do guarantee, I will use their tool.It is like if Microsoft say to you that you are using my browser and you get what you request, so what if your requests go through my servers.Another way to look at it is if you offer your customers their website with your web statistics tool accessing your server, what will happen? Just in case if you have two such competitor customers, you can sink one of them easily by knowing their strengths and weaknesses. AND you choose to tell your customers only as much as Google is telling Analytics users.
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