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    Thanks again bud you sure do know you stuffcheers will post some more questions soon !
  2. tokeyb1066

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    man i cannot thank you enough got it working but ? do i have to keep all the script on one line or can i write email_body= on each line where there is variables if you do this where does the & VbCrLf & go at the end not sure ? Thanksp
  3. tokeyb1066

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    sorry like i said i am only a novice 1 what is the body text example please ?? how do i set the objcdomessage.textbody to my body text what would i write and where ?? example: how could i just send the email address for starters off my form example ??i triedrespone.write(request.form ("email")) this afteradd email body textsorry i have been try for 2 weeks on this and still no goodthanks for your help
  4. tokeyb1066

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    Hi and thanks Still scraching my head but will try does it matter where i put the script on the page ? should i put it after "add the email body text" still not quiet sure of & vbcrlf & why do you have these ? big thankspaul
  5. tokeyb1066

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    Hi all i'm hoping someone can h elp me after 19 tickets to my hosting company i cannot sort this out so here goes be gentle i am only a novice and my site was built using online videos. right so i have constucted an simple html form for my site and i have downloaded the asp script that my host has available i have the script sending emails but nothing from the form i am not sure how to get the asp script to get the information off my form i have tried lots of other scripts and none have worked this is a last resort before handing it over reluctantly to a web developer these are the scripts. al
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