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  1. Hey all,I have a Panel nested within an UpdatePanel.The thing is - the content of the Panel comes from an SQL query which takes some time, and every time I load the page it takes time before the page shows. I want to make it so when I load the page IT WILL SHOW immediatly and only AFTER the page loaded to execute the sql (and show UpdateProgress) so people won't have to wait for the calculation just to see a part of the page...Thanks in advance,homiee
  2. Yeah but still how do I use that random number?I've triedDECLARE randomTableName VARCHAR(10);SET randomTableName ="aSdzXdsaS";CREATE TABLE randomTableName (...)but still it creates a table called randomTableName ...
  3. trySELET MAX(LinkId) as LastLinkId FROM waplinks WHERE SubmitterId='1'
  4. Hey,Assuming I have a stored procedure:CREATE DEFINER=`localhost`@`%` PROCEDURE `sp_find_route`(IN a_start_point int, IN a_end_point int)BEGIN CREATE TABLE tableName ( level INT, route VARCHAR(255), owneruserid int, frienduserid int);Assuming I want that each time the SP is called tableName will change to a random 6 digits / characters name, is it possible?Thanks in advance,homiee
  5. Hey,The right syntax is:select *, concat(FirstName, ' ' , if(ShowLastName, LastName, '')) fullname from Users where concat(FirstName, '', if(ShowLastName, LastName, '')) like '%John%'
  6. Hey all,I have this select statement:select *, concat(FirstName , ' ' , if(ShowLastName, LastName, '')) FullName from users where Fullname like '%John%'"but I get this error when I try to execute it:Unknown column 'Fullname' in 'where clause'Any ideas how can I tweak this using join or union or something?Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey all,I have this table with the following code:<td style="width: 110px; height: 57px;"> <p align="center"> <font style="font-weight: 700; font-size: 9pt" face="Arial"> <%#Micro.SystemFramework.Web.StringsHelper.GetLimitedText((string)DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Title"), 40)%> </font> </p></td>The data is binded to a DataList.Not too complicated, but when I try to load the page all I get is this error:Exception Details: System.Data.RowNotInTableException: This row has been removed from a table and does not have any data. BeginEdit() will allow creation of new data in this rowAny ideas?
  8. Heya all,Assuming I have a datagrid with pager control (using EnablePaging). Can I have my own self-customized pager outside the datagrid control (for example that I will be able to put multiple pagers in one page) but that will control the pages of the datagrid?Thanks in advance!homiee
  9. Thanks alot Reg Edit, you helped me a bunch!
  10. Hey mate, thanks alot for the reply, I made this code - I called the table SocialLinks. Can you confirm this does the same as you did?My user id is 2thanks! SELECT FriendUserId,OwnerUserId, 3 AS Level FROM SocialLinks socLink1 WHERE OwnerUserId in( SELECT FriendUserId FROM SocialLinks socLink1 WHERE OwnerUserId in( SELECT FriendUserId FROM SocialLinks WHERE OwnerUserId = 2) AND not FriendUserId = 2 )AND FriendUserId not in(SELECT frienduserid FROM SocialLinks where owneruserid = 2 unionselect frienduserid from sociallinks where owneruserid in (select frienduserid from sociallinks where owneruserid = 2)
  11. heya all,I have this table:OwneruserID | FriendUserId1 | 22 | 12 | 33 | 23 | 44 | 2This table means: User 1 is friend with User 2, User2 is friend with User3 and User3 is friend with User4I'm looking for a select statement to select the friends of friends of my friends (but only select those who are not my friends or friends of my friends)Help me out.. I've been trying to solve this for daysThanks in advance!homiee
  12. this is the complete string:SELECT count(*) as Count, 2 AS Level FROM SocialLinks socLink1 WHERE OwnerUserId in ( SELECT FriendUserId FROM SocialLinks WHERE OwnerUserId = 42) AND not FriendUserId = 42and this gives this:Count | Level1 22 21 21 21 22 21 2
  13. heya all,I'm having some troubles counting the number of rows from a query:I have this select string:SELECT OwnerUserId,FriendUserId,1 AS Level FROM SocialLinks WHERE OwnerUserId in (1,3,5) and frienduserid != 42 group by FriendUserIdwhich gives sort of this table:OwnerUserId | FriendUserId | Level2 7 131 12 12 13 131 15 131 16 1When I try to SELECT Count(*) as Count it gives me something like this:Count12111And notCount5What do I do?Thanks in advance!homiee
  14. looks like this could help me out! thanks alot mate!
  15. yeah but I don't want to use Confrim(), I want to use my own self-designed confirmation window
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