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  1. Didn't work either... Thanks for the help.
  2. Well, I've tried what you suggested -- clearing the footer, right, left, and both, but they don't move one inch.This is the modified CSS I have right now: div.container{width:100%;margin: auto;line-height:145%;background-color: #FEFEFF;background-image: url('stylewave2.png');background-repeat: no-repeat;}div.header{padding:0.5em;color:white;background-color: #CEDCEC;background-repeat: no-repeat;clear:left;}div.footer{padding:1.5em;background-image: url('container_footer.png');clear: both;}div.left{float:left;width:160px;margin:0;padding:1em;}div.content{margin-right:290px;border-left:1px soli
  3. The scheduled launch of the new version of my website has been delayed for a couple reasons... and one of the major reasons, which I can't seem to get around, is the totally messed up DIV boxes I've set up.Here's the page in question: http://www.cemrin.com/testing/index2.htmOnce you open up the page, look near the very bottom and you'll find a couple boxes (Project News, Latest News, etc), and you will also see that they are on the bottom obviously, which is my problem. I've tried everything in my CSS to make them align to right of far right of the page so that it is inline with the paragraph
  4. AeroCoder

    CSS popup issue

    Since you are using CSS for this, and it works okay in Firefox, I would use an IE Conditional Statement to fix the problem for IE5.5+.Insert the Conditional Statement somewhere in the <body> tag, usually at the very beginning. Now... grab the CSS code for that CSS popup box, and put it in this conditional statement: <!--[if IE5.5]><style type="text/css">insert CSS here</style><![endif]--> Keep changing whatever properties you need to (I think width in this case) until it gets to work in that particular version of IE. Also... I think it might be a problem with th
  5. First, check for any overlapping or omitted tags in the HTML code or the CSS Stylesheet, if you have access to them. It could also be the configuration of the template, but I doubt that that is the problem in this situation.
  6. AeroCoder

    small questions

    There are two types of CSS Shadow effects, a normal "shadow" and then, the "dropshadow"Normal Shadow: filter:shadow(color=#ff0000, direction=90); The "direction" property's unit is in degrees, so in this example, it is a full 90* of the element's position.Drop Shadow: filter:dropshadow(color=#ff0000, offx=5, offy=5, positive=true); "offx" controls the amount of spacing, or "offset" from the element's horizontal start point, and "offy" has the same idea, except it controls the amount of spacing from the element's vertical (top) start point.The one property I do not know anything about is th
  7. Internet Explorer 7 does have its improvements, but overall, in terms of any changes to W3C Standards Compliance or any other jargon that we Web Developers are concerned about, there's no upgrade there; the browser actually re-uses old IE6 code... but they skipped the Transparent PNG overlay feature (thank goodness!), and just re-vamped the UI on it.I prefer Mozilla Firefox, even over Opera... there's tons of addons, themes, and extensions you can get for it, including little Web Developer goodies like the Web Developer Toolbar, and the XML Developer Toolbar... very handy tools to have if you'
  8. They seemed to have fixed this problem in Internet Explorer 7; looks fine for me in there.I think the easiest solution to your problem is to avoid saving it as a PNG file, which I assume it is. Some JPEG formats can preserve transparency I believe, so if you can save a copy of the background image as a .JPG file, and use that one, it should fix the problem.
  9. The most common reason is that "onClick" is NOT the proper syntax for any Javascript event attribute. The proper method is to simply have it in all lowercase, as with many other coding languages including Actionscript.Try using all lowercase for the attributes, and see if that works.
  10. This tutorial has almost exactly what you're looking for... switching a couple things around could make it work exactly the way you want:http://alistapart.com/stories/alternate/Hope that helps.
  11. I was thinking that maybe W3Schools could broaden their library of tutorials and maybe add a basic SHTML (SSI) and CGI tutorial. What do you members think?
  12. Sorry, I neglected to mention that I'm using my host server, the one that hosts my website, MediaTemple. I do all the testing there, and not from a local directory on my computer.EDIT: Seems to be working now... thanks.
  13. I've got a couple questions regarding PHP and how to implement it in the following two ways.1) How can I make a .php file actually workable as a page? Even if I do have some PHP in an HTML document, and save it as a .php file (ex. home.php), the server throws an error message... my server is able to parse PHP, and even has Safe-Mode off, so I don't see what's wrong. How do I make a .php page viewable?2) I want to set up my pages so that one central file is used to navigate to other pages using a global varname (If that's how the terminology goes). The name I want use is "id" , like so:Code:htt
  14. I use both HTML-Kit and Dreamweaver, but mostly Dreamweaver.I use HTML-Kit just for quick editing and modifications, and the really big stuff, especially file management, is kept with Dreamweaver.
  15. AeroCoder

    <div> probrties

    Could you explain your situation a bit more?
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