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  1. Hi budThere is only one image file for each signature. Yes, actually I am going to design one table to put all of the data in, which is exactly the same as your design idea. However, my problem here is how to create a mapping schema to do so. I tried many times and encountered some error messages. I solved some, but still debugging and don't know how far i need to go to have it done. What i am doing now is i download a software called 'ms xml viewer', which looks pretty good. However, i am not familiar with it and play with it at the moment. But it seems only help you to create a schema based
  2. Hi everyoneI am having a problem with creating a mapping shema to bulk load a xml data file to sql server 2000 enterprise manager. I am new to xml schema. I have read some online examples, however, can't solve it. My case is a bit more complicated. After 2 hours debugging, not yet finished. My xml file is like that below:<details> <manager> <id>0</id> <sign_id>104</sign_id> <staff_no>532257</staff_no> <sign_name>Carolyn Ng</sign_name> <sign_title>Director Relationships</sign_title> <sign_phone>empty</sign_ph
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