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  1. Hi,LATEST UPDATE:I've tried branch and a couple others that are on the same path and they work ok! It's just not working when i put the ID in. If the code is correct as it pulls in anything else and I've got your piece of code in that you suggested. What could it be?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The number of beds - you can see it's the last item in the code snippet (might not be very clear, sorry). It lies in 1 additional layer to the id. i.e. ...The path for the id = aspasia_data/houses/proper
  2. Hi,I've got website that runs fine by displaying all the properties from a 3rd party xml data. I want to now just list the individual property that matches the property id. My problem is that when i try to get it to appear like this - i dont get any result. (funny enough if i changed it from property id to lets say number of beds - it works, so i'm a little bit confused.This first bit of code is a snippet of my classic asp cod e page that connects and sends over the url... <%strSearch = 3624Set xmldoc = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument.3.0")xmldoc.async = falsexmlDoc.set
  3. Is it possible to get this code to work. Trying to page. Here is a snippet of the code for the previous button. ' From the current record find the record with lower ID 'IF strFirst < strCurrent THEN do until rsNewsNav.Fields("NewsID") > strCurrent rsNewsNav.MovePrevious() loop strPrevious = rsNewsNav.Fields("NewsID")ELSE strPrevious = strFirstEND IF So when you click on the button it gets the next one by doing a loop.The error that is gives is:do until rsNewsNav.Fields("NewsID") > strCurrentI am not sure if we are able to use this " rsNewsNav.Fields("NewsID") " i
  4. Thanks for the code. I tried replacing that bit of code with what you gave. But still get the error in IE.I was wondering if it or something in this bit of code could be adjusted?Or maybe i am running out of ideas to why this wont work in IE? if(this.options.orientation!='horizontal') this.tab_overflow.setStyle('float','left'); this.bodies.each(function(el,i){ el.injectInside(this.tab_body_container); }.bind(this));
  5. Hi, Cheers for your quick response.Yeah i tried contacting the author. No response yet.I looked on their forum - http://forum.mootools.net/viewtopic.php?pid=37793 and tried looking at their known bugs. I also looked up it in google too and thats where i found that help.That person saying that IE you have to code the text for style float in a particular way. It says like a do-able thing - just i know idea how to try to use it in MooTools code.Do you think it is possible to do it in Mootools code? Or would it be best to move on and find another piece of code? Any ideas or suggest some code that
  6. Hello,I've had a go at using this ajax/javascript code: http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~meweltman/sliding_tabs.html It works well in Firefox but not in IE.It gives this error: "Could not get the StyleFloat property".I have had a look into it and found this article good as i think it maybe the answer to the IE problem: http://radio.javaranch.com/gthought/2007/0...9239538983.html " element.style.styleFloat "However I am not sure how to implement it in the code. (The js code is in the "source-code" tab in "http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~meweltman/sliding_tabs.html ")My understanding is that the I
  7. Hello,I have setup a property list which displays in lowest price to high price property as the default. I would like to change it, so the most expensive property is shown first.Here is the link to the website http://www.oliverfinn.com/pages/properties...F0207B0A16964DECan anyone please just mention the piece of code that I need to add or change to make the xslt /classic asp page display the most expensive property first.My guess is it might be in this bit of code? <xsl:when test="xyz/xyz/property/address/property_location"> <xsl:for-each select="xyz/xyz/property"> Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply!I have tried removing the @sign with no luck.I tried removing all the parameters from the SP and passed just the @Blog_01ID which was successful. I tried it for all the parameters and finally only the E-mail function gives me this error. As I mentioned earlier, the @Blog_01ID is NOT an autonumber variable, the autonumber in the corresponding table i'm inserting is the Blog's COMMENTS table. The @Blog_01ID is just there to identify which blog the comment refers to.I will keep trying, thanks for your help, and if anyone else knows extensive info on this problem, or help me
  9. CommentID is the primary key/autonumberHOWEVER Blog_01ID is NOT an autonumber, it is a foreign key from another table, and an IntegerI'm still getting an error, cudnt' fix,Do you think it has something to do with the '@' sign in the E-mail and the '@' in the parameter name clashing or something :S i'm so confused ....Trying to prevent my site from SQL Injection ... so re-writing all the sql code with stored procedures.
  10. Hi! I wrote a simple stored procedure to add a few fields into a MsSQL table: INSERT INTO dbo.xyz769_Blog_01_Comments (Blog_01ID, Blog_01_Title, Username, Comment_Content, Email)VALUES (@Blog_01ID, @Blog_01_Title, @Username, @Comment_Content, @Email) But whenever i try to insert data thru an ASP page i get the following error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e07'Error converting data type varchar to int./anti_sql/pages/blog_01/blog_item.asp, line 73 Line 73 on blog_item.asp is just my execution statement which is the following: rsEnterRecord_cmd.Execute I test
  11. Found the answer .... http://www.ecodebank.com/details/?catid=6&...=54&nid=493
  12. HelloI Have a recordset that gets the content from the database, but I only want to display a certain number of characters on the page.I can do this, but my problem is when it cuts a word in half!! Can I adapt this code to say if it is not a space then add (+1) the number until equals space? Or if anyone can offer a different line that would do the trick? strReviewContent = Left(strReviewContent,100) I tried using if statement with these functions but no luck!http://www.w3schools.com/vbscript/func_space.asphttp://www.w3schools.com/vbscript/func_len.aspMany Thanks
  13. Hi boen_robot Thanks - since getting the cdata off - and i released that i had to add a bit more onto the path to the tag for it to work - <xsl:value-of select="property_summary/custom_element/element[@description = 'Testimonial']"/>this works now for one of the properties. But for some reason one of the properties seems to not display on the page (the one which i showed the property in the last post. I just can't work out why that is not displaying now - even though it is in the xml sheet???cheers
  14. Here is a property ... - <property id="2805" prevref="" last_updated="09/11/2007 09:26"> <id>2805</id> <department>RL</department> <branch>HO</branch> - <address> <address1>12 Albany Road</address1> <town>Brentford</town> <county>Middlesex</county> <postcode>TW8 0NF</postcode> <property_location>Brentford</property_location> <display_address>Albany Road, TW8</display_address> </address>- <custom_element> <element description="Testimonial">
  15. Hi boen_robotI tried this but still the property just does not appear on the page at all now?Any ideas why?cheers
  16. Hi boen_robot,Thanks for replying to my post. You helped me a couple months ago - and was a great help.Sorry i have not been able to explain clearly. I'll try again...A new tag within the xml data has been inserted into the xml which is from an external company. This tag is:- <custom_element>- <element description="Testimonial">Some of the properties that have content in this tag... like this one which has...- <custom_element>- <element description="Testimonial">- <![CDATA[ A two bedroom terraced house which has recently undergone a full refurbishment and benefits fr
  17. Hello,I am pulling data from an external company xml = when I pull the data in - everything works - except there is one tag that has CDATA enclosing the data in this tag. I am having problems trying to display that data correctly. Here below is the xml tag - <custom_element>- <element description="Testimonial">- <![CDATA[ A two bedroom terraced house which has recently undergone a full refurbishment and benefits from having a 25'8 double reception. The accommodation comprises; 25'8 double reception, separate kitchen, two bedrooms, family bathroom and private rear garden. Alban
  18. My search function presents the results fine but when there are no results then rather than having the blank white screen, I would like to have it to say, "Sorry, there are no results.".I tried put an Choose - When & Otherwise on the property name - so if property name empty then write "Sorry, ..." otherwise display name. I thought that would work, but maybe i need to do it around the entire template? Would putting something around the entire block of code (what would i use- when & otherwise ? or something else? ) <xsl:template match="/"> <xsl:for-each select="xxx/xxx/propert
  19. Cheers aspnetguyThats brilliant. I was having trouble because i could not seem to get it to work as the default. It must be that problem you suggested. I don't know what that is - but i will look it up.Thanks again.
  20. This is what I got but it fomats it date with the day first and month second - how can i get it to put it like this: month then day? <% response.write(FormatDateTime(Now())) %>
  21. I am trying to find the asp code for this date - time format :Day / Month / Year Hour : Month : SecondsI have found lots of alternative combinations but yet to find the asp code for this format.If you can help me out - would most appreciate it.Cheers
  22. Synook - Thanks I realised I had to change the database field type - and that worked.Cheers
  23. Cheers Synook,That was just what i was looking for - i tested it by making strOverall_Usage_Graph = 47 and with your code it worked - but i did that just to test quickly, so i took out that bit so it should pull the number from the db table and should do the calculation you gave me to work too.But it gives me an error - Type mismatchon this line - strOverall_Usage_Graph = strOverall_Usage_Graph / 5I have the db field type as numeric.I also tried making the number 5 as a string - as below but that also did not work. Any ideas to why i get this error and what might be the problem? strOverall_Us
  24. How do you round how numbers in asp?For example if it 47 but i want it to be 45. Or if it was 48 then i want it to be 50.I understand the deminal round up to whole numbers - but can you do it for whole numbers?This is code that works for rounding up deminals - do i need to adapt this code : strOverall_Usage_Graph = Round(strOverall_Usage_Graph) Or is the code for whole numbers completely different?Many Thanks
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