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  1. I have to leave now, so please email me at Anakha92@hotmail.com if you can give me a reply. Thanks.
  2. Also, if you meant open flash, by opening a flash program, can you give me the link or the name of a good one? Thanks.¥¥Woot.¥¥
  3. Well, if you can tell me what you mean by open up flash.¥¥Woot.¥¥
  4. Oh yes, I know how to add/subract. (eg. 2+3=77 (just kidding O.o)) Anyway, what I don't know is how to create a flash button.I'm a html coder not a flash person ¥¥Woot.¥¥
  5. Hi there, as some of you know, there are many runescape fan/help sites among the internet. So, you'll know of the "skill Calculators" that appear around them. For an example if you didn't know this: http://www.Runehq.com and choose calculators under "tools".What I want is to know how on earth do I creat one of these flash calculators? and also, you know your common computer calculator? The one found under start > Programs > Accessories > calculator, how can I make my own one of these? With the regular calculations? and my own background and everything... Thanks for any information you have.¥¥Woot.¥¥
  6. Anakha92

    Moveable Map?

    Okay new problem... When converting my *.GIF image to a *.SWF using many different programs and ways, they don't convert the who image. I'll post the start image (The *.GIF) and the product I get back (*.SWF) in this post... if someone can tell me how to do that since I see no attachment or image thingymibob here ;D
  7. Anakha92

    Moveable Map?

    Yes, I have flash, and what I mean is, how do I use "Actionscript" to do this? To be honest, I don't even know what that is...
  8. Anakha92

    Moveable Map?

    Okay, alot of this makes no sense at all lol sorry but it's true. and do I have to download a certain program to acomplish my goal? if so can you give me a link or a name please?Thanks
  9. Anakha92

    Moveable Map?

    What do you mean? :)Edit: Oh and what do I do with that? Do I just place it in a regular html document, changing file names when necessary?
  10. Anakha92

    Moveable Map?

    Hi everyoneI have a little problem... For a while I've been trying to make a RuneScape world map for my RuneScape fan site just like the one on the official RuneScape webpage and I have absolutely no idea on how to allow users to hold down their mouse button and drag around the map to navigate it... I have the map as a Jpg and I wish to know how do this. Also, could you let me know how to creat a drop down in the same window and each option you choose will go to a different part in the map? Thanks...
  11. Hey there,I think this might help, let me know if it doesn't then I'll find you something else:http://www.eltima.com/download/swf_toolbox.exe(this link will start the download of a free Trial of the Swf Toolbox. For more information about it before you download click here: http://www.eltima.com/products/swf-tools/)Hope it helps
  12. I got this from http://www.htmlgoodies.com <!-- Begin copyright - This must be retained and posted as is to use this script -->// This Script was created by Satadip Dutta. // Email: sat_dutta@post1.com / satadipd@inf.com // URL:http://www.angelfire.com/sd/dutta// Please honor my hard work, if you use a variant of this in your page, // then please email me :) and keep these comments in the Script.// This code is Copyright (c) 1997 Satadip Dutta// all rights reserved.// License is granted to user to reuse this code on their own Web site // if, and only if, this entire copyright notice is included. The Web Site// containing this script must be a not-for-profit ( non-commercial ) web site. If the script is to be used in a commercial // website exclusive permission must be obtained before using it.// Joe Burns of htmlgoodies.com has been authorised to use this code in the// site htmlgoodies.com.<!-- End copyright - This must be retained and posted as is to use this script -->title = new Object();desc = new Object();links= new Object();matched= new Object();keywords= new Object();found= new Object();var temp=0;// actual location or the item to be searched// description of he location// actual link// percentage match found// keywords as parsed from the input// # of titles present in the databasetitle[0]=6//no of keywords after parsingkeywords[0]=0//no of matches found.found[0]=0<!-- Begin List of Searchable Items -->title[1]="award awards"desc[1]="The HTML Goodies Site Awards"links[1]="http://dutta.home.ml.org"matched[1]=0title[2]="yahoo search engine"desc[2]=" the yahoo search engine "links[2]=" http://www.yahoo.com"matched[2]=0title[3]=" lycos search engine"desc[3]="The lycos search engine "links[3]=" http://www.lycos.com"matched[3]=0title[4]=" infoseek search Engine"desc[4]="The Infoseek Search Engine "links[4]=" http://www.infoseek.com"matched[4]=0title[5]="goodies java script video html scanning links academic joe burns"desc[5]="The HTML Goodies Domain - Home Page"links[5]="http://www.htmlgoodies.com"matched[5]=0title[6]="java scripts submit html goodies color text scrolling text display javascript"desc[6]="Java Goodies - Striving to be the largest collection of Java Scripts on the World Wide Web"links[6]="http://www.htmlgoodies.com/javagoodies/"matched[6]=0<!-- End list of Searchable items -->function search(){// get the input from the input by the user and strip it into keywords//+var skeyword=document.searchengine.keywords.value.toLowerCase();var check=1;var pos=0;var i=0;var j=0;var itemp=0;var config='';while (true) { if (skeyword.indexOf("+") == -1 ) { keywords[check]=skeyword; break; } pos=skeyword.indexOf("+"); if (skeyword !="+") { keywords[check]=skeyword.substring(0,pos); check++; } else { check--; break; } skeyword=skeyword.substring(pos+1, skeyword.length); if (skeyword.length ==0) { check--; break; } }// the keywords have been put in keywords object.keywords[0]=check;//alert(check);// matching and storing the matches in matchedfor ( i=1; i<=keywords[0];i++) { for (j=1;j<=title[0];j++) { if (title[j].toLowerCase().indexOf(keywords[i]) > -1 ) { matched[j]++; } } }// putting all the indexes of the matched records in foundfor (i=1;i<=title[0];i++){ if (matched[i] > 0 ) { found[0]++; // increment the found found[found[0]]=i; } }//alert("found 0 " + found[0]);// sort the list as per max percentage of matchesfor (i=1;i<=found[0]-1;i++) { for(j=i+1;j<=found[0];j++) { if ( matched[found[i]]< matched[found[j]] ) { temp= found[j]; found[j]=found[i]; found[i]=temp; } } }// end of sort// prepare for document write.config='toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,' config += 'scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes' output = window.open ("","outputwindow",config) output.document.write('<title> Goodies Search Results </title>');output.document.write('<BODY bgcolor=#ffffff text=#000000 link=#990099 vlink =#339966 >');output.document.write('<center> <h1>Goodies Search Results </h1></center>'); output.document.write('<hr>');output.document.write(' The Keyword(s) you searched :: '.big() )for (i=1; i<=keywords[0]; i++) { output.document.write( keywords[i].bold() +" "); }output.document.write('<br>');if (found[0]==0) { //alert(found[0]); output.document.write('<hr>'); output.document.write("<b>No matches resulted in this search </b> <br>"); output.document.write("You may close the results and reduce the length/number of the keywords <br>"); }else { // data has been found output.document.write(" <hr> <b> The Results of the search are : </b> "); output.document.write( found[0] +" Entries found ".italics()); output.document.write("<table border=1 width=100%>"); for (i=1; i<=found[0];i++) { output.document.write("<tr><td valign=top bgcolor=#9999ff>"); output.document.write("<h3>" +i +"</h3>"); output.document.write("<td valign=top>"); itemp=found[i]; output.document.write(desc[itemp].bold() +"<br>" +links[itemp].link(links[itemp])+"<br>"); temp= (matched[itemp]/keywords[0])*100 output.document.write("<i> Matched with keywords :: " +temp+" % </i>" ); matched[itemp]=0 } found[0]=0; output.document.write("</table>"); }output.document.write ('This search was created by © <a href="http:\\dutta.home.ml.org"> Satadip Dutta</a> 1997');output.document.write ("<hr>");output.document.write ("<form><center>") output.document.write ("<input type='button' value='Start Another Search' onClick = 'self.close()'>") output.document.write ("</center></form>") }</script> If you do anythin with this please keep the makers copry rights in place
  13. Well, I'm off to bed.Please post what you can to help me even while I'm sleeping, and I will reply ASAP.Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Basically, what i'm wondering first, is whether or not the database script is placed in a empty html document and saved as such, or perhaps the database has a unique file type?
  15. Okay, I have this nice script for a database, but now, I was wondering how do i get it to work as a database? Do I save is as a regular or html file, or do I do something else? Also once I have my database working, how on earth would I go about making a search engine to search that database? Thanks for any help
  16. So import the *.Tiff to the *.Swf, and then do the rest and I should get what I want (Also will it be blurred with a TIFF?)
  17. Okay so I place the css in head, the html in body. convert the *.TIFF file to a *.Swf file, and it should create a zoomed in, left-click-draggable, image?
  18. Ah okay thanks, now, know how to convert a jpeg to a TIF ?
  19. Okay, I tried the HTML one and again it only gave me the same thing ive been getting all the time.. a resize to fit the whole flash player. Go to http://www.rshelp.kaene.com/swftest.html (my site with the test page) and zoom into the image 4 times. That is how big I want it to be zoomed upon loading as a default size and for it to be in alot better detail then it reverts to when zoomed... Also when zoomed in I want to be able to just left click and drag the mouse to navigate the image.Any ideas now?
  20. I kinda get what you're saying but what I really want to do is to zoom in the picture permanently when the image first loads, with the picture to not become blurred. Any ideas?
  21. Okay, the image I converted from a *.jpg to a *.swf file is a moderately big image approx 1.2m and I want it zoomed in as it is when it's a *.jpg, but it resizes the image to fit the screen when converted. How do I have the *.swf image zoomed into it's regular size when displayed on the net?
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