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  1. Maybe, but they are open source applications, and there is no open standard alternative for user interfaces out there (at least which isn't tied to a particular language). The site also also has a Flash tutorial which is not only not a standard, but is also proprietary (though admittedly, it has become a kind of standard, at least until SVG/SMIL/Ogg-Theora may take over). Do a web search (also lookup Firefox and "POW" to see an additional interesting use of it since it seems not many servers support SSJS). It's different from JScript. Yeah, not many people have heard of it. And I steer away f
  2. Greetings!Here is some possible errata:In the section, "Using substitutionGroup" at URL http://www.w3schools.com/schema/schema_complex_subst.asp , it seems that example code should be there. The subsequent section, "What are Global Elements?" also seems to be lacking some context.I'd also like to make two recommendations:1) Allow the layout to expand (e.g., via percentage widths). For larger monitors, many of us would like to be able to view more on the page at once, and the current fixed-width layout constrains that.2) Add a Mozilla XUL tutorial (and the related scripting, etc. of it) and Ser
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