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  1. HeySorry for the late response.I have fixed it.Forgot to put brackets for "waardeA = tabel(tabelplaatsonder);" -> [ instead of (also theForm variable hasnt worked so I replaced it all with "document.cil1." Thanks to all of you
  2. Okay, I've edited previous post code-tag.For some reason it says my "Functionmit" ain't defined (in FF)When I read how to create function in javascript I dont really see any mistakes :SI first thought "Function" should have been written with 'small letter' but no change.
  3. HiAs of my previous post in "xhtml/html" I've been editing my code from VBscript to Javascript.Which for me is a pain in the *ss. I learned javascript 10 minutes ago.The problem though is I have a schedule I need to keep in mind. Well I still got 2 days to finish this script.But it would be helpfull to finish it today, so I can rest, have a beer, and watch some tv (sorry to put it this way, but got to many numbers in my head from work)The problem is now, that I have an error (from IE bottom-left error handling) at line 397 (if you got any text editor you'll know where to find it)But I can't fi
  4. As for now, I'll continue in the category javascript :)as it is related tothanks
  5. I usually use textpad (always worked with it at school) until I used notepad++
  6. I wish I knew more about java syntax :)I suppose there hasnt been an einstein who made a vb/java converter :)Well time to learn more about java I think.If by any chance you guys can give me a boost
  7. HiI'm trying to get my script to work in FF, but as you can predict (else I wouldnt ask this) it doesnt work.To be honest I dont know if it's VBscript related or html. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"><HTML><HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;CHARSET=iso-8859-1"><script LANGUAGE="VBScript"><!--Sub Submit_OnClick dim peil dim totaal dim dia Dim TheForm dim tabelplaatsonder dim tabelplaatsboven dim waardetussen dim waardeA dim waardeB dim overschot dim subtotaal dim tabel(100) tabel(1) = 0.16 tabel(2) = 0.4
  8. EDIT[double post] - sorry
  9. hey all,I'm trying to make a timer count down on a php vaibles time, i know its possible, but not quite shore exactly how, the php timer its self, is: <strong> Crime: </strong> <?php if ($fetch->lastcrime <= time()){ echo "<a href=crime.php><font color=Red><b> Ready </b></font></a>"; }else{ echo "<font color=Blue><b> ".maketime($fetch->lastcrime)."</b></font>"; } ?> This is the timer i wish to use: <script language="JavaScript">TargetDate = "12/31/2020 5:00 AM";BackColor = "palegreen";ForeColor
  10. killay

    adding date

    lol that easy? :)I also had to use it elsewhere to delete a product. Else the product satyed in the databse with all NULL values :)thanks, it works
  11. killay

    adding date

    HiI have an open source script which I'm trying to modify (shop-script)The problem is when a product is added, no date of creation is set in the database (mysql).Thats what I'm trying to add.But problem is I have not the required knowledge for that.So I was hoping you guys could help me with that. //add new product db_query("INSERT INTO ".PRODUCTS_TABLE." (categoryID, name, description, customers_rating, Price, in_stock, customer_votes, items_sold, enabled, brief_description, list_price, product_code, picture, thumbnail, big_picture) VALUES ('".$_POST["categoryID"]."','".$_POST["name"]."','
  12. killay

    image swap

    oooh oke... thanks for the information
  13. killay

    image swap

    I dodnt mean that.But as you can see when you hover one link, it's only that specific link that highlights. Which means that a part of for example 30px width (of the 300px width image) moves.
  14. killay

    image swap

    I do understand that, but how does he move a part of the image?
  15. killay

    image swap

    HEy allI see following use of image rollover more and more.As you can see on following site: w3-markup.comthe menu on top has following navigation image : text-mainnav.gifHow do they do such thing? And what are the advantages?thx
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