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  1. hmmm, have been playing about with this all day and it looks like the offsetWidth is giving me an incorrect value, i.e. it is returning the width of the window and not of my flash movie. is there any way of just getting the width of the flash movie? basically what I am actually trying to do is make a page with a flash movie and then an iframe layed over the top of it. The flash movie will resize with the window (this works using the width=100% and height=100%) but what i need is to resize the iframe in the div layer and possition it so that it remains in proportion to the flash movie.does th
  2. wow, thanks so much for the quick reply and solution- it worked well!for some reason the width works perfectly but the height just always returns 16. not sure why but to be honest it doesn't matter as i can use math to work out the height anyways! cheersEwen
  3. hi, i am trying to use javascript to get the dimensions of a flash movie and i found a tutorial and script which does this. the only problem is that my flash movie resizes with the window but the javascript keeps returning the original dimensions- i assume it's simply getting the actual dimensions of the swf file but i need it to get the dimensions of the flash movie on screen. Is there a way of doing that? hope that makes sense and thanks in advance!here's my code: <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content
  4. ok, i see, so i can't send a file to an asp script using ajax?i think i found a tutorial for doing it with so ill take a look at that.thanks for your help, u always seam to be around to assist me with my silly questions.Cheers,Ewen
  5. Hey, having a bit of trouble with a file upload that im building. I know that my upload script (ASP) works as I have used it. My problem is getting it to run correcly from ajax.I have a form with a button and a file input and a text box (for some sort of response)my ajax function is called when the button is clicked and the button passes the file object to the ajax function.I have put in several "alert()"s to see where my code is at and whether it is working and all come up as if the code runs completely.The problem is, i get back "<h1>Length Required</h1>" rather than the output
  6. ah dear, i am a bell end!I found the problem, i simply wasn't referencing the iframe correctly- by referencing the actual frame rather than the document within i think?!I used document.getElementById("rte").execCommand(insertimage, false, imagePath)rather thandocument.getElementById('rte').contentWindow.document.execCommand(insertimage, false, imagePath)Thanks for the suggestions, made me look over my code and a few tutorials.I am a total javascript noob :)ta
  7. Thanks for your quick response.I did originally think that that maybe the problem but had at first tried a different name for the function- RTEinsertImage. I tried changing everything back to this but the same problem.When i click the button to bring up the DIV for the image selector the iframe becomes unfocused. I then click back in the iframe, returning the cursor to the correct place but when I click to actually insert the image the iframe unfocused and nothing else happens.The focus functions I have are different but this was simply because I was testing different ways to see if it made
  8. Hi,I have a small problem and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about it.I am building a WYSIWYG text editor using JavaScript and a bit of ASP. I have built the basic functions but am having problems adding a way of inserting an image. I have read many examples which bring up a prompt box and the user types in the image location and it inserts it but I was wanting something a little more sophisticated with thumbnails of all available images coming up in a div layer. When the layer comes up it displays fine but upon clicking to insert an image absolutly nothing happens. I ge
  9. ok, that does work but surely I shouldnt have to. to further complecate things this is all part of a web site and web editor i made for a friend. basically the web editor takes in rich text and encodes it to html. it generates the html code and I cannot find a way- even using replaces of getting this to wrk. i understand your solution works as a work around but unfortunately it does not fix my problem. I need to know why the include is not allowing the £ to be displayed.thanks for your help and your quick response- it has given me some food for thought. still looking for a solution though!Ew
  10. when I try to include html files on an asp webpage any £ symbols in them become ? or funny little boxeshere is how the include file displays: appointments last for one hour and cost �100 - you can make an appointment by calling Caroline on 07886234559 or by emailing kathleen@reverse-therapy.com Make the first step to getting your health back! and this is the html code for the include file: Appointments last for one hour and cost £100 - you can make an appointment by calling Caroline on 07886234559 or by emailing kathleen@reverse-therapy.com <br><br>Make the first step to getting
  11. ok, got it. im an idiot. sory!
  12. I have a very strange problem. I have built an online calendar for myself to keep track of things with and all works fine untill i go to june. Basically the calendar is one asp page that takes in a Query string of the month it is to display which then links into the database and returns the data required. Whenever this query string is equal to 6(for june), no other number, it comes back with this error.Response object error 'ASP 0251 : 80004005'Response Buffer Limit Exceeded/calendar2.asp, line 0Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit. Any ideas w
  13. Hey,I am needing to allow people to buy a product from my website using paypal. The product is a download so i want the download to start once the payment is complete. is there anyway of doing this using asp?Cheers
  14. ecluley

    Make folder

    amazing mate! worked a treat. cheers for the quick response too!
  15. ecluley

    Make folder

    I am trying to have a script make a folder then copy some files into itmy code is as follows:dim fs,fset fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")set f=fs.CreateFolder("test")fs.CopyFile "new\*.mdb", "test"set f=nothingset fs=nothingWhen the code executes I get a errorMicrosoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'Permission denied/adduser_update.asp, line 10Line 10 is set f=fs.CreateFolder("test")I have emailed my hosting company and they say permissions for asp scripts to write to the disk are enabled. what am I doing wrong?ThanksEwen
  16. Hi.I was wondering if there was any simple way of getting variables from my flash.swf file that is embeded on an asp page for use with my asp scripts. Basicaly I have 30 instances of a flash movie to represent days of the month, i wish each of these to have a check box inside them that i can then test for a true or false and process using asp.Cheers for and ideas or suggestions
  17. Hi, I am trying to setup a webserver on a computer on my network. I have a Safecom SWBARR-5400 router with my PC and the webserver (running windows xp pro) connected. The webserver has a static IP- IIS is installed and appears to be running correctly, when i type http://localhost into the browser i am shown the pages that came with IIS, i can even get a php test page working. The problems creap in when i try to access my webserver using the computers IP address. I type into the browser, it takes ages and hands me a login box and when i cancle that, a "Yo
  18. Hi, I am building a flash website which takes it's content from text files. In these text files I use HTML links and images. I need to make a paypal button on one page. Unfotunatly the code has & in the link address, this means that when flash reaches an & it thinks the file has ended and does not load the rest as i am using the loadVars method. the text file is a s follows: &daTextBox=<img align='left' height='150' width='170' src='pic8.jpg'>Psychotherapy is a type of Soultion<br>Second Paragraph. Contains lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lots lot
  19. ecluley

    Replace " with '

    unfortunatly that didn't work. Basically the probelm is that i need it to remain dynamic, so the code i used was: <textarea rows="4" cols="100"><% Response.write(var1) %></textarea> var1 is defined in the text file as the big long html bitty: <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOJs_3SvsmM"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOJs_3SvsmM"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOJs_3SvsmM" type="applic
  20. ecluley

    Replace " with '

    Hi, i have a piece of HTML code that is saved in a text file, then read back out and printed into an input box in a form. Unfortunatly, i assume, because of all the double quotes, this does not work and i get the html being executed on the page as if it were standard HTML. I then tried to replace double quotes in a string with single ones. my code was thus:(assume that var1 = <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOJs_3SvsmM"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOJs_3SvsmM"></param><param name
  21. ok, it was probably some sort of permissions error, i changed my host and it works a treat!thank you so much for all the help!Ewen
  22. ok, i have tried the openTextFile method and am now running it though firefox. i have uploaded it to a free asp server and am running it from there as I have changed computers (on holiday) and no am without ISS (dam xp home!) The error message i recieve isServer object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3'Server.CreateObject Failed/umbrellamembers/upload_news.asp, line 11800401f3 i now recieve this for the ftp.asp page aswell when i try to read the text file.both pages, ftp.asp and upload_news.asp seam to have a problem with Server.CreateObject. This line normally works fine when i run it though IIS o
  23. Okay, the text file DOES already exist so i assume this is the problem. How can I make ASP overwrite the existing text file? I want to be able to let the user make changes to the existing text file. how do i do this? thanks.
  24. "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator"it stops happening when i remark out the offending line of code but i kinda need that line of code...when i have "show friendly http error messages" ticked in internet options it gives me a HTTP 500 Internal Server Errorthanks for the responseEwen
  25. I am learning ASP whilst building a website to allow users to login and edit text files which are part of ofther websites i make for them. I have 3 pages: index.asp which is a simple login form with code for checking if username and password is correct. This creates a session object which stores the username and a string "YES" if the password is valid and "NO" if not. This all works perfectly. The second page is a page to edit the text file. It reads the seession object and then displays the text contained in the text file. It will also display a form for enterning new text into the file
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