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  1. Hello,Is it normal that VB .NET 2005 Express can't connect to my local SQL 2000 server ?It seems that all I can do is connec to an Access DB or create a new SQL mdf file but then it nags that I need SQL 2005 Express aswell?I'm new to this ide stuff so I might overlooked something here tho (tend to code in vbscript, asp so not familiar with all this)
  2. Hello,Is there a way to retrieve the relative path to a given file or url in PHP?in ASP I can use server.mappath("/text/text.txt") which would give me c:\inetput\wwwroot\text\text.txt as result.Can't seem to find something simular for PHP tho ???(unless it's realpath which doesn't seemt to work under XP?)
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